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41hoq-mefgl_ss500_.jpgTwilight, by Stephenie Meyer, is the most beautiful story I’ve ever read. When I was reading Twilight I couldn’t put it down. The book is about a girl who falls in love with a vampire.

Bella is sixteen years old. She travels to Forks, in Washington, to live with her father. There she meets a family of vampires, and she lives dangerous experiences.

The book is full of feelings: love, scare, friendship, suspense, passion… I recomend it, of course, because it is a book for all the ages and you can put yourself in the shoes of the character. Stephenie Meyer is a very good writer, and the second and the third part are really good. Now I’m waiting for the fourth book: surely it will be fantastic.

Written by Mari Carmen Duarte (Revolution Words!).

Algo que contar

algoquecontar.JPGThe book Algo que contar (Something to tell) by Alba Sabina Perez is the best book I’ve ever read.It is very interesting.This book talks about the life, customs and anecdotes of Porta, a young rap singer. It is a very long book but I couldn’t put it down!

In this book, Porta opens the door of his private life to light some of his most well-kept secrets. It contains interesting things, a lot of truths and intimacies. He tells anecdotes from when he was on stage. In this book he explains every meaning of his songs.

It’s very long but worthwhile reading. I recommend it because there are times that you feel identified with his songs. Read it!

Written by Jessica Marucco (Teen Team).


a072977.jpgJoel is a book about a teenager who he explains how he lives his life. It is written why Isabel Clara-Simó. It is an easy book to read. The book talks about Joel after his mother’s death.

When he was ill he met Marta, a girl of his age that keeps him company. At the end, Joel works and goes to the gym because he was very thin. Then he discovers that he loves Marta.

I think it is a very good book. If you read it, you’ll get hook to it. I think that it is a nice and hard experience and it is very well narrated. You will enjoy it!

Written by Virgínia Sánchez (Ravis Team).

Diario de un rebelde

519m1t1ywql_ss500_.jpgThe original title of the film is ‘The basketball diaries’. It is a film based in the life of Jim Carrol (Leonardo di Caprio) and his friends Mickey, Pedro, Neutron and Bobby.

Jim Carrol is an American teenager, musician, novelist and a poet. His adventures took place in New York from 1970 to 1980. His novel is based in this experience with alcohol, drugs, prostitution and juvenile delinquency.

In my opinion, it is the best film by di Caprio. This drama film shows us the life of a teenager with a great future as basketball player and as a poet. It could be happy ending. I recommend it to all people. It’s a film where you can learn a lot.

Written by Álex Hernández(Ravis Team).


610pacbjxkl.jpgK.O.B by Aventura is the best cd I’ve listen for a long time, and it was a best-seller. This group is from Puerto Rico. They sing the best bachata in the world. They are the kings.

Anthony is the singer; Lenny, Mikey and Henry are the rest of group. They are bilingual: they sing their songs in Spanish and English. Aventura’s songs are about real life stories.

In my opinion, the best song is ‘Angelito’: it talks about a love dream. It’s amazing, fantastic and interesting. Aventura is the number one in the history.

Written by Daniela Yepes (Revolution Words!).

La Fuga

20070413113305-la-fuga-promo-acustico-3.jpgLa Fuga is a Spanish rock band of Reinosa (Cantabria) formed in July 1996. They’re four musicians who retired of their previous bands to form another one.There play also songs from other groups.

In my opinion, La Fuga is the best group of Spanish rock.It is a type of rock that a lot of people like, because it’s nothard rock. The lyrics are wonderful, they express a lot of feeling and experiences of every day, the majority of their songs talk about their roots, for example the song of “Nunca mais”.

Normally in their concerts they fill the audience with fans and admirers.They are famous enough in the world of this type of music, but who doesn’t like this music, doesn’t know them.

In conclusion, I love La Fuga and I am a fan of them, in general of almost all the groups of rock, but La Fuga is my favorite group. In my opinion, the best group in the world.

Written by Raquel Lópèz (Ravis Team).

Step Up

stepupposter.jpgStep Up is a film about a love.The love of dancing is what conects the love between one rebel street dancer boy and one beateful ballet dancer girl.Thise two heroes are Tyler Gage(Channing Tatum) and Nora Clark(Jenna Dewan).

I like this film very much.There are great dances and great music.When you are watching the the film, you imagine that you are there and you are the star in this film and you are dancing.I like the actors too.I liked how Tyler dancing.My favourite part of this film it is on the end, in the club, when they were dancing all together.I enjoyed this film.

In my opinion, the film “Step Up” is amazing!One film in whitch there are a very beateful actors and actris, pretty music, great dancers and dances and the most important: love.It is a very good film and I like it very much.You must see it!

Written by Cristina Ivanova (Teen Team).


518uxbpbkvl_ss500_.jpgIn my opinion the film Transformers is very good especially for special effects.

The main caracters does his job very well and the best thing about the movie when they are transformed into robots.

The first time I saw it I liked a lot so I’ve seen it more than once. The very best was the battle between robots. I love this movie.

Written by Albert de la Fuente (Teen Team).


porta1.gifPorta sings rap. He and his songs are often criticized, but I love them. People thought that he was dead, but this wasn’t true and because of it he made a CD called: En boca de tantos. In this CD his songs tell about feelings, society, the world, the death, and more things.

He has a lot of songs, but there is one which is very polemic. It’s called: ‘Las niñas son unas guarras y los tios unos cerdos’. This song told about the girls who (according to him) are very dirty, and in this song a girl also sings who says that the boys are like pigs. But the song was only for show.

In conclusion, I love his music because he always has a song for every moments, when I’m sad, happy, angry… And I think that the people who say that he is a bad singer, they haven’t listened to his songs well. What is more, I love him.

Written by Sheila Pérez.

Fama “A Bailar”

2119083115-80-bailarines-pasan-segunda-fase-casting-fama-bailar.jpgFame it is my favourite progamme . It is the best programme in the world. The programme is about dance. The dancers at not very old, they are about 18 to 31 years.There are 20 dancers.

In the programme there are three diferent styles : funk , break dance and ‘lírico’. In my opinion, the best style it is ‘lírico’ because it is very romantic and beautiful, but funk and break are cool . I like Fame.

Fame is very interesting and I enjoy it. I love Fame because I love dancing and watching programmes , films and musicals . Fame is amazing.

Written by Raylla da Silva (Revolution Words!).

Desperate Housewives

desperate_housewives_33a909_300_.jpgIt is a television series which has been successful since the first chapter. The female main characters are very attractive. The series shows the lives of five millionaire women living in a US suburb with their husbands.

I think it is one of the best series today, because it is very interesting, realistic, there is a lot of romance. They have shown five seasons and the audience loves it! I also do! The script and actors are very good, so the are celebrities.

Written by Estefanía Tamashiro (Teen Team).


Tere Hello! Today we are talking to you about who is who at the IES the Constanti. We are going to tell you a story about the head teacher at our school, Maria Teresa Melé Soriano, known as Tere Melé. She is the head teacher of IES the Constanti, Constantí (Tarragona). She was born in Barcelona in the area of Sants. Now she lives in Tarragona. She started to study in a private school, called “Montessori”, Barcelona. She did BUP in IES Joan Boscan. After that, Tere Melé studied at Education University for Pedagogy, for three years in Bella Terra, Barcelona and finally she studied at the University of Barcelona. She took a course to become a teacher. Nowadays she is stuyding English and a course at the ICE (Institute of Sciences of the Education).

She is a very kind and beatiful woman. She’s got long dark wavy hair and big dark brown eyes and she is slim. She is cheerful and funny. She is extrovert and affectionate, and she has a lot of empathy too. She is optimistic, honest, intelligent, hardworking, thoughtful with all the people in her job and with all her personals things. She is married. She has two sons, Aida and Xavier. The girl is 17 years and the boy 14 years. She loves dancing, rock and roll and blues. She has won a bronze medal for dancing. Her favourite actors are George Clunie, Javier Bardem, Harrison Ford and Robbie Williams. Her favourite singers are Mocedades, Alaska, Umberto Tozzi, ll divo, ABBA and La Oreja de Van Gogh. She likes to eat salmon with caviar. Her favourite colour is yellow. She likes reading books. Her favourite author is Eduardo Mendoza. She loves going out with her family or her friends and she likes going to the cinema.

She told us about one tale, when she was a student. One day she and her classmates were out of the classroom. The class of Maths was beginning and Tere with her friends were out yet. Tere began to imitate the teacher. But the teacher didn’t mind Tere. In this moment came another teacher, but a French one. She looked at Tere and called her: “You are one wild!”. After that, Tere has had an oral exam with the teacher of French. She wrote on the blackboard one table for review the exam, but she didn’t clean the table of the blackboard because the students told her: “Don’t clean the blackboard!”. When the teacher of French came in, she started to ask questions to the students, and she gave marks. All the students answered well because the table on the blackboard was there. But in one moment the teacher turned back to the blackboard and she saw the table. She asked who had written that. Tere put up the hand and said: “I have written this.”. The teacher was angry because for second time was Tere who made nonsense. The teacher asked Tere in French. In this day Tere didn’t learn more, she answered but her answer was for three and the teacher gaver her a three.

This was a story about our headtecher. About one woman who has achieved a lot of things in her life. She is one woman who learn sa nd works hard and she knows what she wants in life and always she makes tries to achieve them. She is one very good and beautiful headteacher and teacher and we love her!

Written by Teen Team (Estefanía Tamashiro, Cristina Slavova, Jessica Marucco and Albert de la Fuente).


Where and when were you born?

I was born in Peal de Becerro, Jaén. In 1941.

Later, where did you live?

I lived in Almería. I was born in the post-war. We were very hungry and needed. We had to move with my father to find a job, I was only three years.

After living in Almeria, where did you go? How old were you?

Finally, I finished in Tarragona, when I was fourteen.

How was your childhood?

It was very bad, I grew up without mother. She died when I was five years old. My father had to leave me with another family, not permanently, only when he had to go to work. This family treated me very badly. They made me work when I was seven, take care of their sheeps, and if one escaped from me they beat me. If I did something wrong, they ill-treated me. I missed my mother.

When and whom did you marry?

I got married when I was seventeen years, in 1958. He was a young man from Granada, who had also moved to Tarragona, when he was eigh years old, Emilio García.

How did you meet him?

I was working cleaning in a woman’s house. She gave me holiday every Sunday. I went to the beach, and there I met him.

Was it difficult to spare something for your children?

Yes, my husband had to work very much and very hardly. We didn’t have money, but we didn’t lack food. I had to stay at home to take care of them.

If you could, would you change anything of your life?

Yes, I would ask to have my mother.

Written by Sheila Pérez.


Mar?a FranciscaWere you born in France?

Yes, I was born in 1967, in Aquitaine, in a town called Lot-et-marie, next to the railway track.

How old were you when you came to Spain?

I was fourteen when I was going to come here , but there was a coup d’état, and my father said: we Aren’t going to Spain yet . At this moment, I was very sad. Two years later, we could come. We went to live to Jaen.

What was life like in Lot-et-Marie in those days?

Life was normal for me and my family. My mother worked in a factory, packing fruit, so she always brought a lot of it. My father worked all day, and also he had to go to the vineyards to light the petrol the drums to prevents the trees from freezing.

What’s your most present childhood record?

There was a lot of people going everywhere on bicycle, even teachers and old people. There were droy leafis at some streets, and we ran anthem to avoid block get stuck with them. Today there are more cars than forty years ago.

What do you particularly remember about that time?

We lived on a farm and I loved the animals, but my mother sometimes killed a rabbit, a chicken or a pig to cook or for sell it. When she killed them, she could me to help her, but I cry because I didn’t want to see how my mother killed them.

What’s your funniest childhood memory?

When my sister, my brother and me, every day ,went to the garden to give one sugar cube to a dog who which down street everyday for this. Few months later, the owner of the dog went to our home and told us that her dog was turning blind because other the sugar. The dog still kept visiting us , and howled because we didn’t give sugar anymore.

Did you play with my brother and my sister?

Yes, I played with my brother at soldiers, and I played with my sister with insects. I always pursued her with spiders, because that make she cry, and she put the eyes in white to scare me.

What did you do when you went to Spain?

I lived in Jaen for eight years. Then, in 1988, I got married to Andalusian, and we decided to live in Tarragona, because there was an uncle of my husband.

And your family? Where do you live?

All of relatives live in Jaen, and my husband’s relatives also live there, but there are some who live here or in Barcelona. All of them are from Jaen or Sevilla.

What do you like more: living here or there?

I’d prefer to live there, because there are my relatives, who I only see for one month for year. But I have my live here and I don’t think about return the moment. Probably in the future.

Written by Revolution Words! (Mari Carmen, Raylla and Daniela).



Cristina is, with Manoli, caretaker of our centre. She is one of the most important people in the school, since without her, people would be neglected. Her work in our centre implies to see teachers, students, parents, etc; and also take fotocopies. She joined the school last year and she says that she adapted quickly to her job.

She is not very tall and she has black and straight hair. She is got dark and big eyes. She always wear earrings, and she wear her clothes to follow fashion. She isn’t fat, but she is expecting a baby since January. She thinks she is a very sensitive person. In our opinion, she is very nice, hard-working, affectionate, polite, honest and sociable person.

Cristina likes all kinds of music, but the Gothic is the one that she dislikes. When she has free time, she likes reading, dancing, painting, listening to music and play with his son, Ramiro. Her favourite food is spaghettis and all kinds of noodles. She hates cheese, only bankrupt eats it. The sport that she likes is swimming and football. When she was a child, she plays in a football team, but she dislikes basketball.

Written by Revolution Words! (Daniela, Raylla and Mari Carmen).


Vicente OluchaWhere were you born?

I was born in Onda (Castellón de la Plana) on 16th February 1928.

How was your childhood?

At the begining, very good. When I was four my family and I emigrated to France. I went to a school in Perpignan for three years. In October 1936 my family and I had to come back to Spain. Two years later, we had to evacuate Onda and take refuge in Albacete.

What was your first job?

Learner at a carpenter’s in 1940. Sometimes I worked as a baker’s assistant, but my first serious work was building a road from Biescas to Beranui when I was only sixteen.

What were your worse experiencies?

During the postwar. Somebody stole our state. We had to put up with bombing and hunger, but my worse experience was the day when the Germans destroyed Nules in five hours. When we emigrated to Albacete we saw all the destruction. It was horrible.

Did you go to the cinema?

Yes, in Albacete. I remember that in 1958 they opened the film ‘Franco, ese hombre’. In my town there wasn’t any assistant to projection at the cinema. The Guardia Civil went to pick me up, and they watched me during the projection of the film. I don’t remember my first film, but it wasn’t in colour and it didn’t have sound.

Did you drive?

Yes, I had a driving licence since 1950. My first car was a 1400C and it cost 50.000 pts, and it was second-hand.

What year did you come to Constantí?

In 1988, when I retired.

How did you meet your wife?

I met her in 1951. I was walking in the street, and she past with a milkjug on her hand. I told her‘I am going to make you the mother of my children’, and she answered me ‘Or you go, or I break the milk jug on your head’. Now we have been married for 54 years, we have five children, ten grandsons and she has not broken the milk jug on my head.

Written by Ravis Team (Raquel, Virginia, Imanol and Álex).


Michico HigaWhat’s your name?
My name is Michico Higa.

When were you born?
I was born in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, in 1953.

Where did you live and with whom in your youth?
I lived in a house with rice fields and animals to eat, near Taipei, with my parents,my three sisters and a brother although we were large families, just about 200 people.

When did you meet your first love?
When I was 15 years old on a holiday in Taipei.

Did you get married? And did you have any children?
Yes, we got married in 1972 at the age of 19 in Taipei. I married a Japanese young man who was called Tamashiro Ishimoto, with whom I had three children: Lucas, Heberto and Liquen in La Paz, Bolivia.

Why did you emigrate? And where did you go? Why did you decide to go there?
Because my husband’s family and my own family didn’t accept our relashionship. We left our country because it was the only way to be together and to be free. We went to La Paz because my husband had family there. His family had a company, so he would find a job for sure.

What did you do in Bolivia?
I just stayed at home and took care of my children. We lived there about six or seven years, and then we went to Barcelona, Spain.

How did you feel when you left your country?
I felt very sad and very bad because I had left all my family, my friends, my animals, my house back there.

Why did you emigrate with your family again?
Because the company went bankrupt and we decided to go to Spain in 1979, so that our children had a better life and a future with emotional and economic stability.

Do you regret something you did in your past?
No, my husband and I risked a lot. It was very hard, but in the end with much effort and work, love was the most important thing.

Do you still have contact with your family in Taiwan?
Yes, I visit them every 2 or 3 months.

Written by Teen Team (Cristina, Albert, Estefanía and Jessica).


TxellMeritxell is a young teacher. She looks like a teenager. She has wavy black hair and she’s slim. She’s fashionable and she is thirty years old. For us she’s the best teacher now. She went with us to Italy last 8 March, we spent a very good time together. It was an opportunity to know her better.

She studied classical philology at the University of Barcelona because she liked Greek and Roman culture and she was good at this. She does five subjects now, and she says that she loves her job because her time as student marked her very much and teaching makes her remember these times. She likes being near teenagers.

She got married in 2005 and she hasn’t got any children. She loves ballet. She dances since she was 3 years and she now teaches. Her hobbies are reading, going to the theater and talking a lot.

Written by Ravis Team (Raquel, Virginia, Imanol and Álex).