Tere Hello! Today we are talking to you about who is who at the IES the Constanti. We are going to tell you a story about the head teacher at our school, Maria Teresa Melé Soriano, known as Tere Melé. She is the head teacher of IES the Constanti, Constantí (Tarragona). She was born in Barcelona in the area of Sants. Now she lives in Tarragona. She started to study in a private school, called “Montessori”, Barcelona. She did BUP in IES Joan Boscan. After that, Tere Melé studied at Education University for Pedagogy, for three years in Bella Terra, Barcelona and finally she studied at the University of Barcelona. She took a course to become a teacher. Nowadays she is stuyding English and a course at the ICE (Institute of Sciences of the Education).

She is a very kind and beatiful woman. She’s got long dark wavy hair and big dark brown eyes and she is slim. She is cheerful and funny. She is extrovert and affectionate, and she has a lot of empathy too. She is optimistic, honest, intelligent, hardworking, thoughtful with all the people in her job and with all her personals things. She is married. She has two sons, Aida and Xavier. The girl is 17 years and the boy 14 years. She loves dancing, rock and roll and blues. She has won a bronze medal for dancing. Her favourite actors are George Clunie, Javier Bardem, Harrison Ford and Robbie Williams. Her favourite singers are Mocedades, Alaska, Umberto Tozzi, ll divo, ABBA and La Oreja de Van Gogh. She likes to eat salmon with caviar. Her favourite colour is yellow. She likes reading books. Her favourite author is Eduardo Mendoza. She loves going out with her family or her friends and she likes going to the cinema.

She told us about one tale, when she was a student. One day she and her classmates were out of the classroom. The class of Maths was beginning and Tere with her friends were out yet. Tere began to imitate the teacher. But the teacher didn’t mind Tere. In this moment came another teacher, but a French one. She looked at Tere and called her: “You are one wild!”. After that, Tere has had an oral exam with the teacher of French. She wrote on the blackboard one table for review the exam, but she didn’t clean the table of the blackboard because the students told her: “Don’t clean the blackboard!”. When the teacher of French came in, she started to ask questions to the students, and she gave marks. All the students answered well because the table on the blackboard was there. But in one moment the teacher turned back to the blackboard and she saw the table. She asked who had written that. Tere put up the hand and said: “I have written this.”. The teacher was angry because for second time was Tere who made nonsense. The teacher asked Tere in French. In this day Tere didn’t learn more, she answered but her answer was for three and the teacher gaver her a three.

This was a story about our headtecher. About one woman who has achieved a lot of things in her life. She is one woman who learn sa nd works hard and she knows what she wants in life and always she makes tries to achieve them. She is one very good and beautiful headteacher and teacher and we love her!

Written by Teen Team (Estefanía Tamashiro, Cristina Slavova, Jessica Marucco and Albert de la Fuente).

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