Vicente OluchaWhere were you born?

I was born in Onda (Castellón de la Plana) on 16th February 1928.

How was your childhood?

At the begining, very good. When I was four my family and I emigrated to France. I went to a school in Perpignan for three years. In October 1936 my family and I had to come back to Spain. Two years later, we had to evacuate Onda and take refuge in Albacete.

What was your first job?

Learner at a carpenter’s in 1940. Sometimes I worked as a baker’s assistant, but my first serious work was building a road from Biescas to Beranui when I was only sixteen.

What were your worse experiencies?

During the postwar. Somebody stole our state. We had to put up with bombing and hunger, but my worse experience was the day when the Germans destroyed Nules in five hours. When we emigrated to Albacete we saw all the destruction. It was horrible.

Did you go to the cinema?

Yes, in Albacete. I remember that in 1958 they opened the film ‘Franco, ese hombre’. In my town there wasn’t any assistant to projection at the cinema. The Guardia Civil went to pick me up, and they watched me during the projection of the film. I don’t remember my first film, but it wasn’t in colour and it didn’t have sound.

Did you drive?

Yes, I had a driving licence since 1950. My first car was a 1400C and it cost 50.000 pts, and it was second-hand.

What year did you come to Constantí?

In 1988, when I retired.

How did you meet your wife?

I met her in 1951. I was walking in the street, and she past with a milkjug on her hand. I told her‘I am going to make you the mother of my children’, and she answered me ‘Or you go, or I break the milk jug on your head’. Now we have been married for 54 years, we have five children, ten grandsons and she has not broken the milk jug on my head.

Written by Ravis Team (Raquel, Virginia, Imanol and Álex).

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