Mar?a FranciscaWere you born in France?

Yes, I was born in 1967, in Aquitaine, in a town called Lot-et-marie, next to the railway track.

How old were you when you came to Spain?

I was fourteen when I was going to come here , but there was a coup d’état, and my father said: we Aren’t going to Spain yet . At this moment, I was very sad. Two years later, we could come. We went to live to Jaen.

What was life like in Lot-et-Marie in those days?

Life was normal for me and my family. My mother worked in a factory, packing fruit, so she always brought a lot of it. My father worked all day, and also he had to go to the vineyards to light the petrol the drums to prevents the trees from freezing.

What’s your most present childhood record?

There was a lot of people going everywhere on bicycle, even teachers and old people. There were droy leafis at some streets, and we ran anthem to avoid block get stuck with them. Today there are more cars than forty years ago.

What do you particularly remember about that time?

We lived on a farm and I loved the animals, but my mother sometimes killed a rabbit, a chicken or a pig to cook or for sell it. When she killed them, she could me to help her, but I cry because I didn’t want to see how my mother killed them.

What’s your funniest childhood memory?

When my sister, my brother and me, every day ,went to the garden to give one sugar cube to a dog who which down street everyday for this. Few months later, the owner of the dog went to our home and told us that her dog was turning blind because other the sugar. The dog still kept visiting us , and howled because we didn’t give sugar anymore.

Did you play with my brother and my sister?

Yes, I played with my brother at soldiers, and I played with my sister with insects. I always pursued her with spiders, because that make she cry, and she put the eyes in white to scare me.

What did you do when you went to Spain?

I lived in Jaen for eight years. Then, in 1988, I got married to Andalusian, and we decided to live in Tarragona, because there was an uncle of my husband.

And your family? Where do you live?

All of relatives live in Jaen, and my husband’s relatives also live there, but there are some who live here or in Barcelona. All of them are from Jaen or Sevilla.

What do you like more: living here or there?

I’d prefer to live there, because there are my relatives, who I only see for one month for year. But I have my live here and I don’t think about return the moment. Probably in the future.

Written by Revolution Words! (Mari Carmen, Raylla and Daniela).

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