Cristina is, with Manoli, caretaker of our centre. She is one of the most important people in the school, since without her, people would be neglected. Her work in our centre implies to see teachers, students, parents, etc; and also take fotocopies. She joined the school last year and she says that she adapted quickly to her job.

She is not very tall and she has black and straight hair. She is got dark and big eyes. She always wear earrings, and she wear her clothes to follow fashion. She isn’t fat, but she is expecting a baby since January. She thinks she is a very sensitive person. In our opinion, she is very nice, hard-working, affectionate, polite, honest and sociable person.

Cristina likes all kinds of music, but the Gothic is the one that she dislikes. When she has free time, she likes reading, dancing, painting, listening to music and play with his son, Ramiro. Her favourite food is spaghettis and all kinds of noodles. She hates cheese, only bankrupt eats it. The sport that she likes is swimming and football. When she was a child, she plays in a football team, but she dislikes basketball.

Written by Revolution Words! (Daniela, Raylla and Mari Carmen).

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