TxellMeritxell is a young teacher. She looks like a teenager. She has wavy black hair and she’s slim. She’s fashionable and she is thirty years old. For us she’s the best teacher now. She went with us to Italy last 8 March, we spent a very good time together. It was an opportunity to know her better.

She studied classical philology at the University of Barcelona because she liked Greek and Roman culture and she was good at this. She does five subjects now, and she says that she loves her job because her time as student marked her very much and teaching makes her remember these times. She likes being near teenagers.

She got married in 2005 and she hasn’t got any children. She loves ballet. She dances since she was 3 years and she now teaches. Her hobbies are reading, going to the theater and talking a lot.

Written by Ravis Team (Raquel, Virginia, Imanol and Álex).

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