Life in the International Space Station.

Life in space

This year our Setmana Cultural topic is l’UNIVERS and 6th grade have worked on how LIFE is IN SPACE watching and working on NASA videos.
Some astronauts from different countries in the world showed us how they live in a microgravity environment, and what their daily routines are.
Firstly, students watched a video taken from the ISS (International Space Station) which is orbiting around the Earth. Then, they watched original videos from astronauts living in the ISS    (LIFE IN SPACE poster) and later, they wrote a report about the matter ( sleeping or cooking, …in space). Finally, they created short video-sketches ( LIFE IN THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION poster).
We have worked in English the whole time and we think that at last, both, students and the teacher have learnt together about the human body under the influence of living in space and about how to learn using another language different from student’s mother tongue; in this case, English. We have worked hard and we have also got benefits of this.
There are two digital posters: the first one ( life in space) is related to the “working” input and the second one (life in the International Space Station) is their final product.
We wish you have fun !

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