Exciting News

Hello everybody, how are you?

A new year began and I have exciting news to share with you. After two years living in London I’m moving to Madrid. I feel both happy and sad about this new situation. I feel happy because of the sunny weather, the good Spanish food, because I can speak Spanish all the time and I am closer to my family, my friends… and closer to Salvat Papasseit School too!  I feel sad because I miss London very much, I miss my small flat, the wonderful parks and the amazing free museums, because I was improving my English and now…I will maybe forget it!

I think it’s a good idea to continue sharing with you all the interesting things that I discover in Madrid, but in English of course!

So, let me know your opinion and please, tell me what you want to know about Madrid. If possible, nothing about football this time, ha! ha!

Don’t forget: take care of yourself, study every day, be good and happy and…

See you soon!   Pili



hola Madrid

11 thoughts on “Exciting News

  1. carla de la rosa

    Hello. Today I went to the snow. I’ve had great time, it is fun! I was wondering if you have also skied…

  2. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Teresa! In some private schools in Madrid kids wear uniforms, but they don’t in the public schools… A big hug for you too! I miss you Teresa, you are very nice!

  3. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Muntaha! I’m fine, I’m just getting used to the new city! Thanks for asking! Take care and see you soon!

  4. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Carla! This week was very cold! No, I’ve not skied for a long time! Thanks for writing! I big hug for you!

  5. Muntaha

    Hello Pili. I wanted to say feel better. Because when I was at Saudi Arabia I loved to stay there but…..My uncle sended us an invitation then we went to Spain, I was so sad but after coming to Spain I started to feel better…everone misses you and I miss you moreeee. From Muntaha and her friends. 🙂

  6. pili.lo Post author

    Dearest Muntaha, I’m sure you will have a happy life in Spain because you absolutely deserve it! You are a great girl, your parents should be very proud of you… Don’t forget study hard every day, sometimes it will be difficult but the effort is worth it! I miss you too!

  7. Muntaha Rahman

    Oh Pili. I dont feel like that to leave Spain and go to other Country…….By the side I spended my half life in Arabia and now here. And did you know that in my class everyone is learning English from me and Montse Felisart. They are good at English! We did an exam last Wednesday and I got N+ N+ E+. thats means its kind of 8,75. In my class the girls and boys who knows English more are : Mar, Marc, Ayemane, David, Valeria and Contxi. Contxi and Valeria are my bestie :D. Pili when are you coming again in Barcelona?????? I hope your there soon!

  8. pili.lo Post author

    Dear Muntaha,mevery time I have a letter from you I feel very happy! Thanks for the news! I don’t know when I will be in Barcelona, but for sure we will meet soon!

  9. muntaha

    Pili, I feel happy too, by talking with you. did you know i did a poem in school? its about Sant Jordi. And take careeeee!!!!!!!! 🙂

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