Spring in London

Hello again!

It’s very difficult for us, Mediterranean people, to understand the importance that nice weather has in countries where sunny days and warm temperatures are so rare!

Last winter has been long and very wet. There have been important floods near London. The sun was weak and often hidden behind dark clouds. Hats, gloves and scarves hid people’s faces and hands… So sad!

Suddenly in March the temperature rises and the sun really shines. And the city changes! Parks and gardens fill up with smiling people and some curious facts start…

In the week, clerks and students, shoppers and workers, have lunch outside, eating and laughing…

At the weekend the parks are full of families and friends playing football, cricket, rugby, volleyball, lacrosse…

People take off jumpers, jackets and socks, and walk barefoot on the grass.

Thousands of small colourful flowers appear on the ground. Daffodils mark the start of the spring and they are everywhere… Also in many buttonholes!

Everybody seems happier! Spring is perfect time to visit London.

Finally… one question, a difficult one!: What  are the two essential things you need to play lacrosse? 


Flood: the inundation of land because of heavy rains or high level of a river.

Buttonhole: the hole in the clothes for passing the button… (En català: trau, en castellà: ojal)

2014-03-12 12.40.422014-03-09 12.00.40                                                     Regents Park

2014-03-15 11.39.31





37 thoughts on “Spring in London

  1. Muhammad Shahzaib

    Hello Pili I’m Muhammad.
    How are you Pili?
    I Need to play lacrosse One Bat, Ball, helment and gloves

  2. pili.lo Post author

    Wow!! Muhammad! Your answer is perfect and very fast! Congratulations!

  3. Valeria Moral

    Hi Pili! I´m Valeria.
    How are you? I´m fine but I want the tests are finished now,jaj.
    Sixth A class loves you ( I more) and misses you so much(I more) WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  4. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Valeria! I’m so happy you participate in the bloc!! Thank you very much for your lovely comments, you know I miss you too, because you are so nice, kind and well-behaved girl! Fortunately, I’ll see you soon!!

  5. Toni C.

    Hi Pili
    How are you going there?
    The two essential things to play lacrosse are a bunch i a stick

  6. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Toni C! Welcome again to the bloc! Your answer is right, for playing lacrosse you need a special stick with a net… “A bunch”…please, ask Montse about the meaning of this word… I miss you! See you soon!

  7. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Lucia! How are you? All London taxis are the same model of car but colours are different, most of them are black. I miss you too, probably more than you do! Fortunately, I’ll see you before Easter!

  8. Ainhoa

    Hi pili!
    I’m Ainhoa C.
    How are you?
    I miss you 🙂
    You need a one bad,ball, helmed and also gloves

    Many kisses 🙂

  9. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Ainhoa! How are you? Your answer is excellent! I miss you more! See you soon!

  10. Nerea Agraz

    Pili hello, how are you? Thant it is spring there pili are flowers of all colors? It has been very hot here .
    Good bye Pili, bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Nerea! I’m fine, and you? Flowers are really beautiful! See you next week!

  12. Paula

    Hello Pili I’m Paula P
    How are you Pili?
    We are fine but a bit sad that the last school year.
    What is needed to play lacrosse is a ball, a stick and gloves
    I LOVE YOU = )

  13. nora ahermich

    Hello Pili 🙂

    How beautiful is summer in London 😀
    Lacrosse is a fast game between two teams of ten players each using a stick with a net on the top to pass and receive a rubber ball in order to score goals holing the ball in the net of the opposing team.
    Pili we miss you and love you very much
    See you son Pili!!!!!! 😀

  14. nora ahermich

    Hello Pili!!! 🙂 <3
    Why many London Underground stations and buses and mailboxes are all red?
    See you son Pili!!!!!! 😀

  15. pili.lo Post author

    Wow! Nora it’s a perfect explanation about lacrosse, thank you very much! I miss you too!

  16. pili.lo Post author

    Hello again Nora! Your question is very interesting, I’ve copied this answer from the Internet: “Post boxes in the UK were originally painted black. That made them difficult to spot, especially at night, so someone had the clever idea of painting them bright red”. See you!

  17. 5th B

    Hello Pili!

    How are you?
    We are trying to send you a message.
    Happy Easter Holydays!!!

  18. Natalia

    Hello Pili!!!
    How are you?
    This is the first time you write and not to write.
    We’ve sorely missed in music because you were doing grace.
    You will be much vacation!!!!

  19. pili.lo Post author

    Hello 5th B! I’m fine, very happy to meet you in the bloc! Happy Easter for you too!

  20. pili.lo Post author

    Hi Natalia! Thanks for your comments! I miss you too! Happy Easter!


    pili hello!
    how are you?
    I want to ask what is it that you like most about London?

  22. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Carla! Thanks for joining the bloc! I’m fine, and you? I like London very much, I like his wonderful parks, Museums, historic monuments and buildings, churches, lovely cafes… I like walking on the Thames river banks… I’m in love with this city! See you on May!

  23. muntaha rahman

    hello pili! thanks for the lolipop and it was nice which day will you come again?

  24. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Muntaha! I’m trying to visit you this week. See you soon!

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