The London Eye

Hello again!

Today let me explain something about the London Eye.

## This massive (very, very big) Ferris wheel is located on the opposite bank of the Westminster Bridge, almost in front of the Big Ben, and was opened to the public on March 2000.

## It is the highest Ferris wheel in Europe (135 m. high) and the most popular paid tourist attraction in the UK with over 3.5000.000 visitors annually!!! The views are really wonderful!

## The wheel consists of 32 capsules, one for each London borough. Each capsule weighs 10 tonnes and can carry 25 passengers who can walk around inside or take a seat…

## Each rotation takes about 30 minutes… The wheel turns slowly but surely, 0’9 km per hour, allowing the passengers to step on and off without the wheel having to stop. Here you are the online standard prices:

Child (4-15 years): £12.60                        Senior (60+years): £14.85

Adult (16+years): £17.96                          Family of 4: £54.33

## You can celebrate a private party, even a wedding, in the Ferris wheel… Of course you need a lot of money…To hire one capsule for one rotation (30 minutes) costs £500!

Finally, the question, more difficult this time: What is the other name for the London Eye?


Ferris wheel: noria

Bank: the land next to a river: There is a bike path on the Besos river bank)

UK: United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)

Borough: Fondo, Singuerlin, Sta Rosa…are boroughs of Sta. Coloma

To hire: to acquire the temporary use of a thing or the services of a person in exchange for payment: Next summer I will hire a house and a car.


26 thoughts on “The London Eye

  1. yerson

    Hello I am Yerson Pili and I’ll answer the question: the other name of the wheel is london: Millennium Wheel

  2. pili.lo Post author

    Yerson! You are absolutely right! Perfect answer! You have the extra-point! Congratulations! Do you know why is it also called “MILLENNIUM WHEEL? If you know the answer for this question I will bring you a gift the next time we meet!

  3. Nadia Casas

    Hello Pili’m Nadia ,I hope you had a good time in London,I would like to go.
    There for some Big Ben questions: in what year did he do?
    Who made the Big Been?
    Have you made some friends in London?
    I miss you
    See you soon

  4. pili.lo Post author

    Hi Helene! Don’t worry about the answer… just ask Yerson, he knows it! See you soon!

  5. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Nadia, I’m very, very happy to meet you on the bloc! I will try to answer your questions: The London Eye contruction started in 1998 and hundreds of people worked to make it possible. I have few frieds in London and I miss you a lot! Kisses! See you on April!

  6. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Muntaha!How are you? In this moment I’m living in London… I’m coming to Sta. Coloma on April for 2 weeks, so…see you then!

  7. salwa

    HI Pili, I’m Salwa .I’m think the answer to your question is Millennium Wheel.

    I have certainly missed come back someday?
    You’ve gotten used to the poeple there?
    Have you friends or family in London?
    Sorry,I have curiosity to know how,where,with whom you live…
    Ihope you do not mind my curiosity.
    Anyway I hope you como back soon because we miss. <3<3
    Goodbye and many kisses :*

  8. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Salwa! Yes, your answer is correct!! Very well done! I will come back to Sta. Coloma in April, so we will meet again! I live in London with my husband, he is working here. We are happy when my children come to visit us… I miss you too… See you soon!

  9. jessica de 6 A

    Hello Pili again I have lots of questions for you .
    The city of London is the capital of the United Kingdom? Is a yearound turist destination??
    The heathrow as both business??
    Is London considered an expensive city in the world ???

  10. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Jessica! I’m very happy because you have joined the bloc! Last week the weather was lovely, sunny and warm… Unfortunately today it’s cooler and cloudy with some showers… For sure, London is the capital of the UK and it’s always full of tourists… And yes, it’ s a really expensive city! Sorry, I don’t understand your question about business, please, try again! See you soon!


    Hello Pili!!!!!!
    I think, the correct answer of your question is Millennium Wheel.
    Are you happy in London?
    I think yes.
    I miss you and the class also.
    See you later. 😀


  12. pili.lo Post author

    Of course, you are right Mario! Well done! I’m very happy here but I really miss you a lot!! See you on April!

  13. XAVI =D XD

    Hello pili i am Xavi the correct ask is MILLENNIUM WHEEL
    Its raining?
    How many days ago it rains?


    XAVI =D XD

  14. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Xavi! Welcome to the bloc!!! Your answer is right… Yesterday it was raining and today as well…and tomorrow for sure! I’m hoping to see you!

  15. Ainhoa 4t B

    Hi again Pili! 🙂
    What’s wether like there?
    I’ve got an answer: the other name is Millennium Wheel

  16. pili.lo Post author

    Hello again Ainhoa! The weather is London is very good… Sunny and warm! Spring is here!
    And your answer is right! See you next week!

  17. muntaha

    thanks for the candy pili!!!!!!!!! your the best in the world but…..
    when u give me the candy when i came with it my sister find my candy and she take it…. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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