The Big Ben

The Big Ben
Hello everybody!
Today I present you one of the world’s most famous tourist attractions: The Big Ben.
“Big Ben” is the nickname for the big bell of the clock tower, north of the Palace of Westminster. His real name is “Elizabeth Tower” in honour to the present Queen Elizabeth II.
Some curiosities:
# It works since 7th September 1859.
# Each clock dial (there are 4) is 7 meters in diameter.
# The minute hands are 4.3 meters long and the hour hands are 2.7 meters long.
# New Year’s Eve (31th December) in London is celebrated around Big Ben area. The countdown is accompanied by the Big Ben’s chimes.
# It has appeared in several animated Walt Disney films, including The Great Mouse Detective, Peter Pan and Cars 2.

The final question: Do you know a famous building in Sta. Coloma where there is a clock in a tower?

Nickname: a familiar name given to a person, animal, or place… Pepe is a nickname for José
Dial: The circular graduated disc of a clock.
Countdown: To count numbers backwards: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0
Chimes: the sound of a bell (campanades)

See you next week!


22 thoughts on “The Big Ben

  1. Muhammad Shahzaib

    Hello Pili I’m Muhammad.
    How are you Pili.
    One Answer is veeeery easssssy, the clock of sta. Coloma is in Ajuntament de Sta. Coloma

    Seeee you Pili.

  2. Teresa

    Hello I am Teresa form 4th A. How nice is that the highen the London and Big Ben.
    I Love you Pili up soon.

  3. pili.lo Post author

    Good morning Muhammad! That’s right, extra point for you! See you!

  4. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Teresa! Yes, London is very beautiful, but I miss you every day! You are nice, polite and good student! Thanks for participating!

  5. paula garcía paredes

    Hi pili i’m paula garcía of 6b. In sta coloma there a clock in town hall. Thanks for you questions. I miss you. Kisses from paula garcía.

  6. paula garcía paredes

    I have a question for you. You’ve ever known up to london eye? I wait your answer

  7. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Paula! Your answer is right, of course! Thanks for your lovely comment, I miss you too! See you in April!

  8. pili.lo Post author

    Hello again Paula! I like your question, I have got on this big wheel twice, it’s a fantastic experience, but a bit expensive! I will write about the London Eye next week! Regards!

  9. pili.lo Post author

    You are welcome Yeva, I like your comment in perfect English, thank you!

  10. yeva vasilyan


    :* :* :*

  11. pili.lo Post author

    Ha!ha! Yeva, don’t worry about the answer, you are very nice, your comments are amusing, and your English is perfect! See you in April! Kisses, I’m your fan too!!

  12. Eric Lopez

    Hi Pili!
    It is fun in England?
    There are some famous near your house?
    Got a job in England?
    Well I have to go

  13. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Eric! Thanks for joining the bloc! Here you are my answers: Living in another country, meeting different people and cultures is very interesting, sometimes difficult because of the language… I don’t have a job here, so I miss you a lot! Abbey Road Studios are 50 m. from my flat, famous singers come there to record their albums and the street is always crowded!

  14. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Lucia! How are you? Are you and your sister coming with your mother in April? Which days exactly are you coming? Maybe we could meet! Kisses!

  15. nuria

    Hello Pili!
    Do you like living in London?
    What color are the taxis?
    Do they celebrate the new year in London?
    A strong hug

  16. pili.lo Post author

    Núria!!! It’s so good to meet you on the bloc! I like your questions and here you are the answers:
    I like London very much, I’m very happy here!
    The taxis are mostly black, but there are taxis of all colours.
    Londoners celebrate New Year’s Eve on the area close to the Big Ben and the London Eye, waiting for the countdown and launching fireworks. But… they don’t eat 12 grapes!
    Bye bye Núria, kisses and hugs for you too, see you on April!

  17. pili.lo Post author

    Hi Lucia and family! Oh! I’m coming back to Barcelona the 3rd April!

  18. pili.lo Post author

    Welcome to the bloc David! I’m really happy with your question! There are lots of taxis in London and all of them are the same model of car, a big one, 5 people can get into a taxi ( also called “cab”)… You can have your luggage with you, or a baby’s pushchair… London cabs are really roomy!

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