Double-decker buses

Hi everyone!

The red double-decker buses are one of the most specials things in London.

If you are a tourist, for sure you will take a picture of it! But if you are a Londoner, red double-decker buses are just your usual transport.

There are approximately 8.600 iconic red buses carrying more than six millions (6.000.000!!!) passengers each weekday and there are 19.500 bus stops in the capital… Amazing, isn’t it?

When I first arrived at London I thought that it would be very difficult to move around the city by bus. But, believe me, it’s really easy and cheaper than the tube!

Getting on the upper deck is the most exciting, funniest way to see London.

The London bus fares are:

Cash (single fare) £2.40

Oyster (single fare) £1.45

Daily price cap £4.40

Children under the age of 15 can travel for free on London buses (the driver could require them a valid photocard).

Finally, the extra-point value question:

If you come to London how much will you pay for taking the bus???


Iconic: person or thing that is a symbol. Sagrada Familia is an iconic monument in Barcelona.

Weekday: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Weekend: Saturday and Sunday

Fare: the sum paid for travelling in a bus, train, plane, taxi…
Oyster: name of the travel card for London transports.
Daily price cap: the maximum price you pay in a day.

Kisses from London




45 thoughts on “Double-decker buses

  1. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Gael!I’m very happy with your comment! Thank you! Do you know the answer to the question?? See you!

  2. yerson

    Hi Pili am Yerson
    I would like to know what time and what time are evening and dawn

  3. yerson

    Hi Pili am Yerson
    I want to explain you today the fact of carnastoltes ajudant.
    I was very nervous but when I talk I relax, what I liked most was when all the kids chased me wanting to take pictures with me and talk to me.
    Deu and kisses.

  4. pili.lo Post author

    Good morning Yerson! How are you? In London in winter the day is very short, at 4:15 pm is dark! Summer day is longer than in Catalonia, we have early dawn and late nightfall. Thank you for your question!

  5. pili.lo Post author

    Hi Yerson! Congratulations for your writing, well done! Yesterday you looked great and funny dressed as assistant Carnestoltes! Your speech was perfect and you seemed quite relaxed… It was a fantastic day for me, thank you for your frienship! See you soon!

  6. pili.lo Post author

    Good morning Lucia! I like your question ha! ha!… Usually, police go by car, but sometimes, for example during parades and football matches, there are a lot of police riding big horses! Bye bye Lucia!

  7. Muhammad

    Hello Pili I’m Muhammad
    How are you Pili?
    My question is: It’s funny the 2 level bus Pili ?

    Bye Pili I miss you see you

  8. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Muhammad! Yes, it’s very fun to travel in double-decker buses. Thanks for your question!

  9. Class of 5th level B

    Hello Pili!
    How are you?
    Are there any tourists near your home?
    Are you working in another school?
    Are you doing anything related to music?
    Did you travel in a red bus?
    Are you enjoying in London?
    See you soon

  10. pili.lo Post author

    Hello 5èB!! I’m very happy with your questions! Here you are the answers…
    There are a lot of tourists near my house because I live next to Abbey Road zebra crossing, that is very famous for a Beatles album…
    I’m not working in another school and I’m not doing anything related with music…I remember Salvat every day!
    Almost every day I take the bus, I like it very much!
    I’m really enjoying London because it’s a wonderful city! I hope you can visit London someday!
    Finally, make an effort with the English, it’s very, very important for your future!
    See you soon!

  11. muntaha

    Hi Pili! I am muntaha. I see you in aula d’acollida. I said I know English. I am new!!!!

  12. pili.lo Post author

    Hi Muntaha, I’m very happy to hear from you! Of course, I remember you! Do you like the school? See you!

  13. pili.lo Post author

    But… NOBODY has answered the question yet!!!! Too difficult maybe??? Come on!!!

  14. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Teresa! I’m so happy to see you in the bloc! Thank you for your comment! Kisses, see you soon!

  15. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Luis! Your queation is very interesting! Sometimes at rush hour the bus is full, but it’s forbidden (prohibited) remain standing upstairs. Do you know the answer to my question??

  16. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Mario! EXCELLENT! Your answer is right! You have the exta point!!

  17. pili.lo Post author

    Hi Gema! I’m glad to hear your good news! We will be in touch… See you soon!

  18. quart A

    Hi Pili,

    We are very happy the read you written, We want to congratulate you for your article we liked.

    Kisses Pili


    I Love you
    Children the 4th level to computer

  19. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Lucia! I’m very sorry, I don’t understand your question… Please, try again! Kisses!

  20. pili.lo Post author

    Hello 4th level! Thank you very much for this words, keeping in touch with you makes me veeeeery happy! Best wishes!

  21. Teresa

    Hi im Teresa. Pili si free for us to travél? These very pretty in te picture.
    I Love you.

  22. Toni C.

    Hello !!
    You do in free time?
    work? do something else

      Hope Bingu more! Pili kisses
       Toni C.

  23. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Toni Caravaca! Thank you for your questions! I have a lot of free time, so I read (in English of course!),I walk during hours every day, I explore the city visiting museums, churches, interesting buildings, gardens, parks…and twice a week I have English classes! Well, Toni, continue as nice as always! See you in April!

  24. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Teresa! Your answer is right: Travelling on red buses is free for children. You are a sweetheart, thanks for your comment! See you soon!

  25. Nerea Agraz

    Hello pili how are you? I’m fine, how is london? quando notifed as wing as schooling? I hope one day.

    good bye Pili!



  26. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Nerea! Thank you for your comment! London is very nice. Sorry, I don’t understand your question, please, try again! See you in April!

  27. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Noelia! I’m fine, thank you, and you? What is your class? Sometimes the sun shines, but often for a short period… See you soon!

  28. Toni C.

    Thanks pili, if we are in April
    I expect more to come !!!!!
    That it may go we

    Toni C.

  29. pili.lo Post author

    Hi Toni C.! Thanks for writing, for sure something new is arriving before April! See you!

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