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Hello dear boys and girls of the school Joan Salvat Papasseit!
As you probably know, I’m now living in London. It’s a very interesting city full of curiosities that I would enjoy sharing with you. Then, I would like you send me comments, questions, opinions… in English of course!
So…let’s go!
Let me start with some facts about this city:
# Romans called London “Londinium”.
# London is the biggest city in Europe.
# The River Thames flows through London.
# The London underground (“the tube”) is the oldest in the world, it works since 1863!
# Over 250 languages are spoken in the town. The most common are (in this order):
English, Bengali, Panjabi, Gujerati, Hindi/Urdu…
# You have to pay for everything with pounds (£)… Leave euros (€) at home!
# When you come…bring an umbrella!

Finally, one question… the answer gives you an extra-point!
I’m looking forward to receiving your answers!
See you soon!


54 thoughts on “News from London

  1. pili.lo Post author

    Good morning Helene! Thank you for your question! As you can see, I have united your 2 comments into a single one. For your question “DO you like Museums?” my answer is…yes, I like museums a lot and, best of all, they are FREE! Good bye!

  2. Gisela

    Pili Hello how are you? I very well.
    In London the shops are expensive?
    It’s fun to be there?
    Might you send us a picture of a store please?
    At night studded with stars or few?

    Well kisses from my mom Juli. my brother Fran and mine 🙂

  3. pili.lo Post author

    Hello Gisela and family! I’m fine, thank you! Thanks for your questions! There are lots of expensive shops in London but you can also find cheap clothing and shoes stores. I will try to send you some pictures…I’m happy here, but I miss my family and friends, my work, my choir, and… THE SUN!!! I’m not sure about the last question… The sky is mostly cloudy, but sometimes you can see lots of shining stars… See you! Kisses!

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