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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This is the last week of classes and  Christmas is around the corner. I know that you are going to be pretty busy these days: you will probably decorate the house, prepare special dishes, visit family, go to a party, wrap and deliver presents, travel, do your homework (ha,ha) etc. So it might be nice to be able to just sit back , relax and enjoy the Christmas episode of  Friends and listen to a traditional Christmas carol sung by The Jingle Cats.

To all my students at EOI and to everyone throughout the blogosphere and beyond:

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Jingle Cats – White ChristmasClick here for more home videos

Jennifer ESL’s videos

Jennifer is a professional  English teacher who has created free online instruction to help students to improve their English. In this lesson,  Jennifer explains the difference between -ED and -ING adjectives. Thank you Jennifer for such excellent lessons.

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Online Dictations

One of the students’  major concerns when they start 3rd level is the listening skill. Most of them complain about the big leap between 2nd and 3rd level where they are exposed to real-life English. Some students tend to come to me after the first mock exam  to ask for advice. What can I do? Is there a way to improve my listening comprehension?. Why do I understand most of the words when I read a written text but  I’m unable to understand the same text when I listen to it?

As you have probably guessed, one of the main challenges when learning English is …. pronunciation. Unfortunately, words are not pronounced they same way they are written and this is the reason why listening becomes an uphill struggle for most students.

So what can I do? you may ask. Well, the best effective way to improve your listening skills is training your ear to recognise sounds and therefore words, clauses and finally texts.

How can I do this?. Here is dictationsonline  for ear training. You can choose from a wide range of graded dictations. Follow the instructions and try to do a dictation at least once every fortnight.    Native speaker dictations, free online

I’m pretty sure that if you keep listening and writing, your listening skills will improve a great deal by the end of the academic year. Good luck!

Welcome to class

Hi everybody, 

My name is Anna and I will be teaching Intermediate level during this academic year.You are most welcome to use the activities on this blog which I hope you  find useful and interesting.

This is the first post I’m sending you to talk about a site to improve your listening, reading, vocabulary and pronunciation skills.  I’m talking about  Read the Words, a free website where you can paste your texts and listen to them.

read the words

You only need to create an account for free, find a text you want to read and cut and paste it into the Read the words website.

You can actually listen to the text you have just read, so you can hear what it sounds like.


Some students think that learning a language only involves studying grammar and vocabulary. They want to improve their listening and speaking skills but they hardly ever think of pronunciation, one of the most neglected skills and yet  extremely important if you want to understand and be understood. I challenge you to properly pronounce the following  words :

‘island, famous, bear, beard, promised, first, butcher, skirt, ear, hair, women, comfortable, blood, lettuce’.    

If you want to check your pronunciation, click on my avatar and listen to me.

Get a Voki now!

As you can see, pronunciation can be a problem sometimes. Watch the video and see if you are able to say ‘I would like to buy a hamburger’

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