Welcome to class

Hi everybody, 

My name is Anna and I will be teaching Intermediate level during this academic year.You are most welcome to use the activities on this blog which I hope you  find useful and interesting.

This is the first post I’m sending you to talk about a site to improve your listening, reading, vocabulary and pronunciation skills.  I’m talking about  Read the Words, a free website where you can paste your texts and listen to them.

read the words

You only need to create an account for free, find a text you want to read and cut and paste it into the Read the words website.

You can actually listen to the text you have just read, so you can hear what it sounds like.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to class

  1. Mª CARME

    Hi everybody!!
    Yesterday we started the new academic year.
    I’m very happy because I know many faces and I have the same teacher.
    I hope that everything is going well for us.
    I encourage you to use the Anna´s blog. It’s very easy…

    Mª Carme

  2. Raúl

    Good evening!
    I think this blog is a really usefull idea to improve our differents skills, I hope I can get better my listening and my speaking.
    Regards and see you on wednesday.


  3. Xavi

    Hi Anna, hi everybody!

    i’m xavi, the new kid on the block!!!

    nice blog and easy to use

    See you tomorrow!

  4. Núria Pont

    Hi everybody!
    I’m lucky because the teacher doesn’t come today, so I can use this hour to visit Anna’s blog my first time. I think it’s a good idea, and it can be very usefull if you can visit it often.
    Now I’m going to watch that short film about the boy and the passports. It can be funny.
    See you next week!

  5. Angeles Martínez

    Hi Ana!!

    Thanks for this blog, I think it,s useful to help me in my English lessons.

    See you on Monday

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