Some students think that learning a language only involves studying grammar and vocabulary. They want to improve their listening and speaking skills but they hardly ever think of pronunciation, one of the most neglected skills and yet  extremely important if you want to understand and be understood. I challenge you to properly pronounce the following  words :

‘island, famous, bear, beard, promised, first, butcher, skirt, ear, hair, women, comfortable, blood, lettuce’.    

If you want to check your pronunciation, click on my avatar and listen to me.

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As you can see, pronunciation can be a problem sometimes. Watch the video and see if you are able to say ‘I would like to buy a hamburger’

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One thought on “Pronunciation

  1. jaume flotats

    Why English words are pronounced so different
    as in writing? for instance the words
    though,thought,throgh are pronounced approximately as(dau-zot-zru)
    That’s incredible.
    Why English words are written so anarchich?
    for instance Writing(one “t”) Written(two “t”)
    Why???. To touch the balls? ¡No!
    I blame for that to the monks.

    If somebody likes to know why the monks are guilty,let me know

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