Jennifer ESL’s videos

Jennifer is a professional  English teacher who has created free online instruction to help students to improve their English. In this lesson,  Jennifer explains the difference between -ED and -ING adjectives. Thank you Jennifer for such excellent lessons.

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3 thoughts on “Jennifer ESL’s videos

  1. Montse Abad

    Hi Anna,

    These two videos are a little bit difficult, I’ve seen them twice but I don’t undestand quite well the difference between active and passive meaning. With the examples of the films it’s not very clear for me, and with the exercices I’ve got only 4 correct answer so I believe that I didn’t undertand it.
    I hope that I’ll see you this afternoon, I’ll be late.


  2. Paco

    Hi Anna,

    Last friday class, in computer classroom, you delivered a photocopy with a lot of internet resource and I didn’t find that in the class box…can you give us more copies of this photocopy ?

    Thanks so much !

  3. Ainoa

    Hi Anna, I saw the video and I took notes. This lesson it’s a little bit complicated… ok, see you at 19:00!!!

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