26 thoughts on “Differences between ‘As’ and ‘Like’

  1. Mireia

    Hi Anna! Clear explanatin about the differences between “as” and “like” but I think that I should (and I will) do more exercises about this matter in order to make clear when I have to use each one of them. Good presentation to begin again! See you later!

  2. Raúl

    Hi Anna,

    I think this post is quite useful to understand the main diferents between like and as. Sincerely, I often mistake or don’t know what I have to put when I’m speaking or writing in English. However I’ve continued failing yet as I did the exercises on the web’s suggestions.

    Well, I’d practice more and more to get improving this grammar branch.

    See you tomorrow!


  3. Núria J


    I found this sites very useful though I couldn’t write on it on the first one directly!!

    I like this way of doing homework!

  4. Araceli Ruiz

    Hi Anna!
    Wow, this is perfect to difference them and recognise when we must write one or another. I have done the exercises and I fail some of them but I’m sure that with a little more practise I will do it perfertly!
    Thanks for this clear and useful explanation!
    See you tomorrow.

  5. Marta Quintero


    I have done the exercises and I failed one in the firs exercise, one in the second ad three in the third exercise 🙁
    I need more practice…
    Ooops!! It is too much late….

    Good night!!

  6. Joan R.


    Amazing the use of As, that could be traslated in spanish in 7 words depending of the function in the syntax of the clause. Buff, you almost need to have a degree in linguistics to understand each case. I made the exercise intuitively more or less and the average was 80%.

    The screen about “As in idioms” remembered me the sentence in the trailer of Alice in Wonderland:
    “some said that survived it, you have to be as mad as a hatter… which luckily I am”

    see you today

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “as mad as a goat” must be wrong, mustn’t it?

  7. Xavi

    Hi everybody again. i’ve been a lot of days off-line but my computer has dead this christmas and, obviously, i’ve waited January Sales to buy a new one.
    unfortunatelly, here in spain we haven’t boxing day and i’ve been 10 days without computer.
    my new laptop is fast like the wind, ho,ho,ho… i think i’ve learned this lesson…

    see you this evening!

  8. Montse Colón

    I’m sorry but for me it have been a little difficult to understand this site and I have need extra information (in Grammar Book) to understand differences and use.
    I have made the exercices with some mistakes, not to much because the use is similar in Spanish so you can use your intuition (just as well!)
    see you!

  9. Marina López

    Hello everybody!
    Thanks to give us this grammar presentation. Reading the rules and after, doing the exercises from the links I cheecked that I have already known when I have to use “as” and “like”. My way to learnt it was listening to people using these structures.
    See you!

  10. Lydia Caballero

    If I have to be honest I expected more mistakes in the excercices but I got a 75% of score. I know I have to practise on it and to improve the mark.
    Thanks and see you this afternoon.

  11. Modesto


    As all the slideshares recommended by Anna the explanation is clear like water and the best thing is that there are specific exercises for checking your understanding.

    In the same website there is a huge amount of presentations about English Grammar.

    In our first class, Anna asked us if someone have ever been abroad in some New Year’s celebration, related with that I have found a website with wonderful pictures about New Year’s celebration all over the world. The link is below, take a look and pay attention of man’s face in picture number 36.



  12. Elisabet F.


    Thanks for the explanation about the differences between as and like. Althought I have problems to open the first website the others are so good and with a good format to correct the wrong answers.
    Thanks for the link.

    See you.

  13. Maria T.

    Very good explanation I think! The uses of as and like are really clear. I did the exercises and I did wrong 1 sentence in the first, 2 in the second and 3 in the third exercice. I’m lucky that there were only three different exercicis because there is a tendency to make more mistakes in each exercice!
    I hope that with more practice I could make the hole sentences correctly.

    See you.


  14. Marta Quintero


    I have take a look to the link Modesto suggested us, the picture of the tiger is so lovely!!!
    And all of the fireworks pictures, specially the one from Beirut.

    See you in an hour!!

  15. Begoña

    Hi !

    I think that this link is a good explanation about this prepositions.
    I belive that I need to do more exercises to understand well the differences between AS and LIKE.

    Thank you,

  16. PABLO


    Yes Modesto the man’s face is amazing but the best is the woman’s cap. I wonder, why is the woman covering her head while she keeps the rest of her body naked?

    Nice weekend to everybody

  17. Mariona

    Hi Anna!!
    I’ve found very interesting and useful this explanation, thank you very much! ^^
    I hope you have a nice weekend, and sorry for getting nervous at the exam, I’ve got a very bad and stressful day.
    Here I put a “comic” I think you would like to read. Have you seen te film 300? This is a parody. It’s very funny, I think you’ll enjoy it! ^^
    See you on Monday!

  18. xavi

    due to my disaster’s oral exam, my new year’s resolution must be improve, harder, my english. specially listening and speaking.
    as i didn’t use connectors, i speak like a telegraph. maybe i felt nervous, like a turkey in christmas (ho,ho,ho), but this is not a valid excuse.

    this weekend i’ve found in the web a lot of information about connectors,

    if anyone has the same problem , this is a useful link:


    see you on monday!

  19. paco

    Hi !!!

    Good slides to learn about “as” and “like”…I’m going to try to use it in the next months!
    Thanks Anna!

    See you later !

  20. Dolors Sierra

    Its a good way to make the learning of this subject easier. As much as we practice as better as we’ll do it (as you can see, I have read the power point, as a good student like I think it must be….well, I’m not able to introduce any more clauses at this moment with “as” and “like” -lol!!-)

    See you tomorrow. Since then,


  21. Verónica Espinosa

    Good afternoon!
    First of all, I´m sorry for the delay. I´ve just seen the presentation and I did the exercises too. I found very useful. Now, the difference between “as” and “like” it´s more clear. Thank Anna.
    But, I´m having the same problem like Dolors. I can´t download the file. How we can do it?
    Thank again!
    See all of you in class. Have a nice study!

  22. Verena

    Hi, Anna!

    This week I didn’t have time to visit the blog so, I’m writing in it whenever I can… =)

    Thanks for linking this presentation, is so useful! The practice is also good.

    I hope the exams wouldn’t be very difficult…

    C U tomorrow!


  23. Alex Fernandez


    I read this post a few days ago,…(and Today I write something, sorry :P)
    As student I am, I believe this exercise is necessary to improve my english, because I always have problems with “like” and “as”. Now It is more or less clear, but I continous thinking that it is difficult to write always the correct word.

    See you.

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