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Thanks to Russell Stannard, I’ve found a fantastic website which provides videos with subtitles and then you can record yourselves saying the same thing and it gives feedback on performance. And…  it is FREE!!


I am also posting  key to the exercises I gave you in class.

Key to Linkers

Be good and study hard for the exams 😉

See you on Monday!

17 thoughts on “English Central

  1. Anna

    I know Isma. They are missing because I left them at school 🙁 I’ll try to post it on Monday so that you can use them on Wednesday in your composition.

    Sorry about that!

  2. Juanjo

    It’s a great website, I think It’ll be very useful for me, but I’ll start for “easy” and “medium” videos, because the “hard”videos are very dificults for me.

    See you

  3. Isma

    Thank you very much!!!

    On the other hand, this site is just what I need in order to improve listenings!!!!
    I’m very grateful for your help!!!

    Thank you very much again!!

  4. Verónica Espinosa

    Hi everybody!
    This web is incredible. I spent more or less two hours to surf it, and I didn´t realize how time flies! It´s more entertaining. And I also think we will improve our speaking.
    See you!

  5. Montse Colón

    Now I have the solutions, thanks Anna. On Monday Linkers, OK.
    This web is good. I will try to watch one each day (I hope).


  6. Alex B.

    thank you Ana for the key

    and thank you again for the website that you post,
    it’s what I need for improve my listenings

    see you!

  7. dolors

    I love it!!! It`s like a karaoke but without music. I can’t stop!

    I’ve discovered that I’m able to say correctly advantage or disadvantage but I always fail when I say “back”, “It’s”, or “and”….something is wrong. I’ve to check what happens and I think I’ll need your help.

    See you tomorrow. Be good with the exams….


  8. paco

    Hi everybody !

    I agree with Dolors I love it too…!! You can pause the video and hear line by line as many times you need to understand…and also you can replay in slowed mode !! It’s amazing !!

    Thanks Anna !

  9. Araceli Ruiz

    Good evening!

    It’s wonderful for me to know this kind of pages because I need to improve my listening and my pronuntiation too. Furthermore, you can learn while you are having fun because this page have some diferents topics to hear and this make it amusing.

    see you tomorrow and Anna, be good with the exams please! 😉

    Araceli Ruiz

  10. Helena

    Good night!

    It’s an interesting website. We can improve speaking and listening in the same time. It’s a good way to learn, and it’s also funny because we can choice between different videos. Thank you!


  11. Núria J


    I think this is one of the best websites I’ve ever used!! It’s really amazing how it works!! Nowadays we are lucky to have internet as a good tool to study English!!

    Thank you again for giving us all of this material.

    See you in a few minutes!!

  12. PABLO


    This is the web I was looking for, it’s amazing. How do they do it?
    Anna, I wonder if you are the best teacher to us, because with all material you provide us, we won’t have any excuse to improve our English. I feel a little bit stressed!!!!!

    Thank you

  13. Begoña

    Hi everybody!

    In my opinion, this website is better than the others.
    It’s the best link because you can improve your speaking in a fun way and you can practise listening about different topics, too.

    See you next Wednesday.

  14. Marta Quintero

    Hello Anna,

    I find difficult to undestand the difference between although and in spite of, I failed half of the execises…. :'(

    See you on monday,

  15. Miquel Gallardo

    Hi guys!
    I’ve been watching Iron Man 2 trailer, and all I have to say is: it rocks! I can’t wait for the movie to be released.
    By the way, our teacher was supposed to send a lot of new exercises on the blog for this week, but I haven’t seen them.
    I will try tomorrow.

  16. Alex Fernandez

    Hi everyody,

    I feel, it is a good webasite, because all of you have the same opinion, but in my case, I dont’t know what is happening, with my internet connection. It’s stressful, all the listenings I try to do are very,very slow!!! I hear a sentence, and I cans see the wrote sentence 5 minutes later…

    I try doing the exercise tomorrow, I hope I will be more lucky.

    See you

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