National Stereotypes : What are the Americans like?

In Unit 2A we are going to talk about national stereotypes. In the video below, people are asked to give their opinion about the Americans. Write the names of the people interviewed on a piece of paper, watch the first video as many times as necessary and write down the adjectives you hear.  When you finish the exercise, watch the second video with subtitles to check your answers.

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8 thoughts on “National Stereotypes : What are the Americans like?

  1. Marta

    Hi everybody!

    This video is interesting to know how English people see American people. Almost all the definitions are very similar, they think the Americans are: loud, pleasant, brash, overpowering… There are more negative adjectives than positives, so we can deduce that they don’t have a positive image about the Americans.
    It is also useful to revise the vocabulary of adjectives and to learn new adjectives like:
    outgoing, pushy, duty, brash, etc…

    See you on Monday!


  2. Anna

    I’m glad you liked it. It is interesting to know the opinion of British people, don’t you think?Thanks for leaving a comment. Cheers!

  3. Marina López

    Hi! It was interesting to watch this video. Now I have a general idea about how the English people see the American people. However, I think that the video just shows the stereotypes that the English people have. People usually have stereotypes about people from other countries and usually they are wrong. In this case, people who did the interview said that the American people is pleasant, outgoing, generous, loud, confident, friendly… I really don’t know how is the American people but my stereotypes for these people are that they are overweight, national (they love their country), friendly…and nothing more.
    In addition the second video help me to see how can I write the adjectives that I learnt like loud, pleasant, brash, pushy…

  4. Núria J


    It’s curious that most of English people think that American are loud, brash and overpowering…perhaps… it may be true…

    In general, I think stereotypes are bad because people used to judge the others only because of the country they’ve been born. In my opinion, you should know every person you meet!!

    See you tomorrow.

  5. Elisabet Martinez

    Hello Anna and friends,

    As a result of watching this video, I can deduce that stereotypes exist. Another question is how much of theses stereotypes are true because sometimes people speak about the character and behaviour of people from a country only because they know one of them.
    In other words, you can create a stereotype if you associate a positive or negative attitude in particular from your own experience.
    Finally, I realize that the most of the British don’t have a good opinion of the Americans.

  6. Josep


    I’ve enjoyed the video because you can learn either cultural or language issues. Firstly, you can guess that English people, according to people being interviewed and to the adjectives used, have a bit negative opinion of American people. On the other hand, it’s interesting to come across new adjectives (at least for me!) as brash, overpowering, etc.. and to have the second video with a transcription (I think that’s very helpful for learning).

    See you on Wednesday!

  7. Begoña


    I liked this video because you can check that the english people have a similar opinion about the american people, so the stereoypes are usual in the world.
    On the other hand, I think that these aren’t always true. Really, you need know each person if you want give a correct opinion in relation to how is it.

    See you tomorrow!

  8. Joan

    Hi everybody,

    Interesting video indeed. New words to add to my language suitcase, like pushy and brash, (uauh!).
    I think that more or less the stereotype that they describe fits my own description, especially overweight, outgoing, self-confidant and a bit like scorpions (joking!).

    See you in 2 hours.


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