The Speech Accent Archive

We were talking about accents in class. As you know, English is spoken by a large number of people around the world, so accents might be difficult to understand sometimes.

Now  you can listen to  native people around the globe reading the same text so that you can compare their accents . You can also go to the  link to the atlas and click on the flag to listen to different varieties of English. I hope you find it useful.

The Accent Archive

7 thoughts on “The Speech Accent Archive

  1. Montse

    Hi Anna and everybody,

    I’ve only heard two of these listenings and the pronunciation are quite different.
    This web is very interesting for me to learn my own pronunciation, there is the phonetic transciption of the text and it’s very useful.
    Thank you and see you later,


  2. Raúl

    Hi everybody!

    I’ve just heard some of these differents accents. Specially, I’ve played Spanish accents to compare with British accents, and in this situation I can perceive so many differents. However, if I only pay attention to the different British accents, for instance, I can difficulty find the differences.

    In any case, I think there is an interesting and usefull site to try improving our own accent and pronunciation.

    Well, see you tomorrow!

  3. paco

    Hi !

    I’ve listened some Asian and American people and…definitely American people is so hard to understand ! And no coments about Australian people’s accent !

    Thanks for the link…it’s useful and interesting to listen people like us who want to improve our English !

  4. Marina López

    Hi everybody!
    It has been so interesting to listen the different people reading the same speech. In my case, it has been more difficult to understand people from uk than people from usa. The main reason it’s that I usually watch tv series from usa and this accent it’s more common for me. Another curiosity has been that I have found so difficult to understand people from canada and australia. Maybe it’s because I don’t usually listen people from these countries.
    Thanks to show us this web page! I think that I will spend more time listening more examples to compare it!

  5. Begoña


    I’ve listened different accents and I was surprised about them.This archieve is more interesting because I couldn’t listened different accents in many places when I’ve travelled. I’ve checked that the possibilities of this language, in relation abot the accents are infinite.
    Thank you for this link!

  6. Maria T.

    Hi Anna, hi everybody!

    I think that this webpage is really interesting! I’ve listened to different accents and some of them were amazing! I’ve focused on UK and Ireland, and I could understand more or less most of them. In the case of Scotland, I’ve listented to a Scotish man, and it was just like your little performance in class! I’ve found it fun!

    Moreover, I reassert the theory which says that it’s easier to understand the English language from a non-native person! However, in the case of Spanish accents, I’m a little ashamed, because, although some of them were quite good, I think that others were really bad. We’ll have to practice!

    See you on Monday!


  7. Joan R.

    Hello friends,

    Interesting and funny site indeed. I’ve listened a Scotish man, -once I have a teacher from there, and was difficult to understand-, an american one, and then two spanish speaker, hahaha, a catalan and one from Madrid. I’ve noticed the lack of english vowels. Yes, it’s a handicap.

    The pronunciation of ‘scoop’ without pronounce the ‘e’ like in catalan “escup”, is one of the difficulties I’ve found.



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