Secrets of the Psychics

Since we are going to deal with this topic, I am posting a very interesting documentary presented by James Randi, a master magician who uncovers the secrets about psychics. After you watch the video, I would like to know your opinion about psychics :

Do you believe they  have special powers? Can they be able to move objects at will, read a person’s thoughts, or even cure physical illnesses with the power of the mind? Have you ever been to a psychic? Is psychics power real or fake?

This documentary is divided into 6 parts. This is the first part of the programme but you can watch the following episodes on YouTube if you want to know more about Randi’s investigations.

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30 thoughts on “Secrets of the Psychics

  1. Montse Abad

    Hi Ana,
    I’ve never been to a psychic. I only saw few of them on tv.
    In my opinion I don’t believe that this kind of people have real power, I think that there are a lot of differents scientific explanations to describe this kind of “power”. Perhaps there are someone who has special abilities to know the feelings, or something like that, in other people but the rest of them are fake. I think that the real power of this kind of people is to take advantage of weak people who need to believe in something special.
    This documentary is very interesting but is a little bit difficult too (for me).
    Is it possible to have the script of it?
    Thank you and see you on Monday,

  2. Anna

    Hi Montse and thank you for giving your opinion. We will comment on your messages in class. I’m afraid I haven’t got the script. The idea is to get a grasp of the general subject so that we can talk it over on the blog or in class.
    CU later.

  3. Pablo

    Hi everyone,

    I’m quite skeptic about these topics. I’ve never been to a pshychic and I think, I will never go. It’s true, these kind of people have much success to people who really believe in these topics. So they would believe everything although it really didn’t happen.

    About documentary, I agree. Physics often prepare their trucks and they make believe to people that they are doing is really happening.

  4. Joana

    I’m quite sceptic about these topics too. I’m totaly aggre with your opinions. I can’t belive in these kind of things. In my opinion all of them have a trick. If I’ve understood the documentary which has been dificult for me too, the spiker has the same opinion than me.

  5. Helena


    I don’t believe in psychics. There are a lot of phenomenons in the word without human explanation, and there are some people to use it to earn money. However, I think there are people who are sensitive with this kind of phenomenons maybe because they think more about the universal unknow and they arrive far away in their thougts.

    See you tomorrow!

  6. Raúl

    Hi everybody!
    I’ve never visited any psychic and I’m a sceptical person always I see shows like geller’s. However, I must recognize I often enjoy watching this tricks on TV since sometimes this sort of tricks remind me magic shows. But I think the main difference between pyschics and magicians is its purpose: a magician try to entertein people whereas a psychic try to cheat them.

    Well, in any case it’s an interesting matter and I’m sure everyone will have his own point of view.

    Regards, see you tomorrow!

  7. Marta

    Hi everybody!! Here are my reflexions:

    I’ve never met a psychic but I think I will not trust him/her. In my opinion, people don’t have powers, there are some people who have more abilities than others to do some tricks or to make you believe in things. I think that, for example, fortune tellers are in the habit of telling what you want to hear but they don’t really know what will happen to you in the future. However, I find very interesting the magician tricks, I’ve never known how they manage to do some things but with Randi’s investigations I’ve discovered some of them!

    NB: The images of the operation without knives have been very disgusting… LOL!

  8. Elisabet Martinez

    Hello Anna and friends,
    I’ve just seen this documentary and I’ve found it very interesting.
    From my point of view the power of the mind exists but, however there are a lot of people who took advantage of incautious. Actually psychics can evolve a profit business.

  9. Maria T.

    Hi Anna, hi everybody!
    I have never visited any psychic and I think I’ll never do it, because I don’t believe in that. However, I think that these people are really trained to do this type of job, and they have some abilities to cheat people. I mean, at glance it seems like they had some special powers, but in fact it is all a swindle.
    I believe that the research that this man has done is really interesting because it makes you notice that there are people who cheat only for money and fame, and I think that this situation is really sad.

    I’ve found this video quite interesting and I’ve seen some of the rest. Although there were some expressions that I couldn’t understand, I caught the main idea.

    See you tomorrow!

  10. Elisabet Martinez

    Hello Anna and friends,
    I’ve just seen this documentary and I’ve found it very interesting.
    From my point of view the power of mind exists but, however there are a lot of people who took advantege of incautious. Actually psichics can be a profit business.

  11. Josep

    Hi everybody!

    My opinion is similar to that of Raul: I don’t believe in psychics but on the other hand I enjoy this kind of shows where a psychic puts his hand on the forehead of a person, and few moments later this person gets slept. As in many things in life, you can never be 100% sure of anything but only of death. Therefore, I would give a 5 or 10% of margin to this kind of aspects related to spirits, and to people who is said to be able to communicate with them.

    Regards and see you tomorrow.


  12. Fina

    Hi Anna , hi mates !
    I don´t believe the psychics have special powers. I think they can deduce a lot from us because they have a lot of abilities to get information from people , and we are well disposed towards to answer their questions , too.
    In spite of my incredulity I recognize that years ago , two friends and I visited a psychic . She predicted us an impressive future with a good husband and wonderful children. All this things aren´t very common , are they ?.
    Thanks Anna and see you on Wednesday.

  13. Verónica Espinosa

    Good night colleagues!
    I´ve never been to a psychic and I also think I´ll never go.
    In my view I don´t believe in this “special powers” because I always try to find a scientific explanation.
    On the other hand, in this video I find the magical trucks so enjoyable and the pyschic shows were very entertaining. But, in fact, as we can see at the end of the video, always exists a real scientific fact for each truck.
    See you tomorrow and we´ll continue to discuss this matter.

  14. Juanjo

    I’ve never believe in this things but I respect very much. I think that perhaps there is any person who have this kind of power but normaly this kind of person aren’t the kind of person who want to be watched by TV.
    I’ve never had any experince with psyhic, and I hope I haven’t got it because I’m very happy without knowing nothing about it.

    See you

  15. Modesto Ballesteros


    I never have been in a psychics. Log time ago I saw a person who can hypnotize toher people and force them to sing, to sit down, etc. It was amazing but I’m not sure about his ability.
    I don’t believe in psychics neither in paranormal phenomenons.

    There are some people who has the ability to make us believe that they can fold a spoon or to put something in a box and after an strange hand’s movements there’s nothing in the box.
    You can call them psychics, like Uri Geller, or magician, like David Copperfield, in function of the sophistication of de trick. For me all this people are fakes.

    Its not possible to move nothing without a real force. There are a lot of people working hard at Universities lookig for a clean sources of energy. Why don’t use they a group o psychics to move a turbine and produce electricity? It could be the perfect solution

  16. Isma

    Hi everyone!

    From my point fo view I don’t believe in psychics. I’ve never been and I won’t be to a psychic .
    I think if there was anyone who had real powers he or she would be kidnapped and examinated from head to toe.
    As we can see in this episode, it’s faking all the time.

    See you.

  17. Miquel

    Hi all!
    I want to be honest, so according to my own opinion about everything about psychics, I have to say this is “bullshit”.
    I apologize for using a swearword, but this matter makes me feel so angry. I think the aim of a psychic is to do business taking benefit of people’s fears. Their “services” are usually requested from people who are in trouble, have any kind of problem, are worried about their future or whatever that make them feel insecure.
    So, if I had the power of writing laws I would turn that business into an illegal activity, and send all those people to jail.
    Someone could think this sounds a little bit categorical, but remember, it’s only my opinion, he he.

  18. Marina López

    Hi everybody!

    I have never been with a psychic but in my opinion I think that maybe a part of them have real powers. This is a topic that many people speak about it and also there are documentaris like this which shows people who can do unusual things and that is why I have this opion. Even so, I know that a part of them can’t have this powers and they lie.

    See you!

  19. Joan

    Hello people,

    As Carlos mentions Luis Pardo, I consider him, and other mentalist like Anthony Blake, as specialized magicians.

    I’m sure that there’s a lot of fake psychics in the planet, trying to get money , fame or attention. But I wouldn’t visit one of them. It could be a real one and I don’t want to see my predestined future.

    I’ve known people with “special powers”, as psychic attraction, precognition, aura vision,… But in such cases, they aren’t proud of their abilities and even in some of them would have prefer not to have these qualities.

    I agree with Elisabet to the power of the mind, and I think that you can improve your mental skills by practising it. As an example I’ve found a site which shows you spoon bending, but it’s a pity because it’s in spanish:

    see you in less than an hour

  20. Alex B.

    Hi everybody!

    well, I have been watching the first part of the documentary and it is so difficult to believe that the psychics exists , because in my opinion If the magician doesn’t exist, neither the psychics.

    And I am a bit suprise when Uri Gellers was “doubling” the spoon, because the public didn’t do anything, they were surprised and no bodys says somthing like: “the spoon was prepared before the programme” or somthing like that.

    PS: I don’t believe in psichics but a few months ago I watched a serie called “the mentalist” this serie talks about a person who doesn’t have pshychic powers but he is very intelligent and help to the police to solve crimes

  21. Alex Fernandez


    In my opinion, psychics haven’t got real power to move things, or make paranormal phenomenons…, on the other hand I think; they have a “special power” or ability.

    The reason because I believe that is; psychics prepare with accuracy and precision their tricks and we are watching a perfect illusion, and these illusions lies to our mind, because we are thinking about what will happen, and our brain make us to see or believe it. Psychics are good illusionists.

    If we want to believe what psychics are doing, probably we see what they want us to see.

    See you soon!

  22. Núria Serrano

    Hi folks,

    I don’t believe in Psychics, I don’t think they have an special power, but obviously they have too much ability to confuse us with their tricks and words. They are very persuasive and they get that our mind believes on that they are talking about.

    See you!!

  23. Núria J


    In general I don’t believe in psychics’s power. I’ve never been to a psychic but I have a friend who had personal problems with her boyfriend for long time and finally she decided to visit a psychic only to ask about her future. A few monts later and according to my friend, the psychic predicted most things she lived after her appointment.

    In my opinion psychics are liars and only want people’s money. I think they always take advantage of people’s kindness and even more when they meet someone who is really depressed.

    As you can see, I desagree about their methods and techniques and actually I’ve never been interested about this issue, but it’s good to share different opinions.

    See you in a few minutes!!

  24. Ricard Casasayas

    I don’t believe anything about this kind of superstitions. Some people sometimes need to believe in magical solutions when they have critical healthy problems, without any medical life experancy. So, in this case, we can have a human attitude to be able to understand their behavior.

    Well, I think my comment is about another different topic, so I had this kind of suggestion.

    See you this afternoon!

  25. Verena

    Hi everybody!

    I don’t like psychics because I’m not interested at all in phenomenon; I think that there are things more interesting than it. I agree that there are a lot of questions without answer that people would know about. Most of them are so interesting: why are we humans?, so we can reflect about our actions, why every person is different and has his/her own qualities and faults, etc. And there are also knowledges more very fascinating than psychics.

    I can’t say that all psychics are liars because perhaps some of them have a higher sensitivity about it, but I think that there are a lot of people who want to earn money and don’t mind about people’s feelings.

    I’ve never had an experience like that and I prefer not to have it. In mi opinion it would be an entertaining but nothing else.

    See you later!


  26. Núria Mampel

    Hi people!

    After watching the video I think it is possible that a big number of psychics can be liars, but I always think that is true we only use a 5% of our brain, and maybe exists somebody who can have some special powers like dream with future events. I believe in the mental powers because it’s prove with some psychology studies that our brain plays a big roll in our life, more than we can imagine, but I don’t believe in tarot, healers or Uri Geller powers for example, I always think that kind of people only look for money.

    See you now!

  27. Marta Quintero

    Dear all,

    As almost all of you I don’t believe in Psychics. I’m agree with Núria about that we are using a little percentage of our gray matter and there are a lot of things about brain that we don’t know for the moment, but I think that we must not be confused about this certainty. We can’t move things with the mind or a wand, we can not read the other people mind only staring at their eyes. I thik that some people have an special intuition that detect your fears and and take advantage of them.

    See you soon!

  28. Chelo

    Hi friends,

    Although I should recognize that years ago I visited a psychic with some friends as amusement, I don’t believe in them. Especially in those that charge money to other people to predict their future.
    In moments of uncertainty, people always has needed to believe in something superior to understand that it happens around them.
    For example: At the present time some scientifics are trying to decipher about Nostradamus´books and relate to present tragedies with his predictions. The difference is that these characters has been considered astronomers with certain scientific reasoning. But is that reality or fiction?

  29. BEGOÑA


    In my opinion, all the psychics are liars. They live of the people’s problems. They can do that people believe in their words. Really, they have too much power in the world. In fact, I think that this kind of people mustn’t have work beacuse they don’t help anything that people feel good and too, people waste their money in a bad way.

    See you!

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