What do you know about Tintin?

Check the links below and find out more about the popular reporter.

1. Fun Trivia about Tintin, his friends and his adventures. Play different quizes!


2. Fun Facts on Tintin


3. 10 Things you didn’t know about Tintin


Now demostrate how much do you know about Tintin, his friends and his adventures. You’ve got 3 levels: 1st is easy, 2nd is medium and 3rd is hard. Do you want to play? Click on the image and download the presentations.



Merry Christmas!!

Hi children!

Christmas is around the corner and we’d like to celebrate it with some songs and games.

Rudolph, the Red Nose Reindeer

What’s this! Nightmare Before Christmas

Christmas Quiz  (Year 5, 6)

Help Santa to deliver the presents (Year 3, 4)

Memory game (Year1, 2)

Write a Letter to Santa (Year 5, 6)

A Snowman Story (Year 3, 4)

Listen to a Song (Year, 1, 2)

And more Christmas games for all  —–>Merry-Christmas-from-Bloggertone

Merry Christmas!!

Miss Lola