English Bag

Hi again Year 3!

we’re back with the English Bag. Let’s see what do they explain about it!

rsz_oriol_sOriol Sánchez’s favourite story was The mixed up Chamaleon. He also watched a little bit of Wallace and Gromit. His mummy’s favourite story was How to Catch a Star. Thanks for sharing family!

Salut played to spot the differences in one activity about Wallace and Gromit. She also drew a nice Gromit following the given instructions. Her favourite story from Wallace and Gromit was The rsz_salutWrong Trousers. Very nice, thanks a lot!



rsz_martin_2Look Martín! He looks very proud of his drawings from My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes. He also liked very much the poetry in the story. Well done Martín!

Cecília found The Wrong Trousers a bit scary, even though it had a happy ending. She drew Wallace and Gromit very good on the notebook. She also liked the I spy ABC, specially the P seccion, where she could find a lot of objects beginning by P. Thanks a lot for helping, family!rsz_cecilia


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