LISTENIG ACTIVITY: How tiger got his stripes

Watch and listen to this video.

Now, answer these questions:

1- Who was the proudest animal in the jungle, many years ago?
a) Water buffalo
b) tiger
c) lion

2- The tiger was afraid of …
a) man
b) goats
c) water buffalo

3-What kind of animal does water buffalo works for?
a) man
b) tiger
c) goats

4- What does the tiger ask to the man for?

5- The man tells the tiger that the wisdom is …
a)near the tree
b)at home
c)near the river

6- The tiger was tied at…
a)the tree
b)the man
c)the goats

7- Was the tiger hungry in the end?
a) No, it wasn’t
b) Yes, it was
c) No, because it ate the goats

8- Why the tiger couldn’t eat?
a)because he was tied to the tree
b)because it couldn’t find food
c)because it has no wisdom

9- At the end of the story, what kind of changes did appear to the tiger?
a)He was bigger
b)He had got stripes
c)He was stronger

10-Did the tiger find wisdom at the end of the story?
a)Yes, he does
b)Yes, but he didn’t konw
c)No he doesn’t

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