Summer Holidays Activities

Hello everyone,

the end of the school year has arrived. You have done a great job and worked hard during the year and now you deserve some holidays. But, as summer is very long and you may get bored :), here you have some ideas for practicing your English!

–> Stard reading  your stories in English. For CI

–> Play with Shaun the Sheep. For CI

–>Practive vocabulary, read stories, listen to songs…in different levels, CI and CM

–>Learn about Wallace&Gromit world and play some games. CI and CM

–>Watch WordGirl adventures. You can watch them in English, with Catalan or English subtitles. For CM

–>Find out about Nature and Animals in National Geographic Kids. For CM and CS

–> Lear about Science in English. For CM and CS

–>British Council Kids. Listen to stories, play word games… and a lot more. For CI, CM and CS

–>Edu 365. Read and listen stories. For CI, CM and CS

–> Practice vocabulary, the alphabet and numers. Place your cursor over an image or text to hear it pronounced aloud. For CM and CS

–>Listening and reading. Practice listening activities ,for CS

–>Listening quizes. Listen about a topic and answer the questions. For CS

HAPPY SUMMER HOLIDAYS! I’ll see you next year!!

Miss Lola






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