English Bag Year 2

IMG_0006[1]Hi Year 2!

Here is Anaís, the first one to take the English Bag home. She was very busy to read all the stories and watch the videos. She made a beautiful drawing of Meg the Mog.

Thank you family!

Miss Lola


2 thoughts on “English Bag Year 2

  1. Joan, Jordi & Mireia

    Dear all,
    We had a great time reading and playing with all those characters. Funny Meg & Mog; naughty Shaun; stubborn Turnip…..amazing! And as we didn’t have much time, we took advantage on every trip in our car to sing along. Thanks, Miss Lola, our children need more English Bags.

  2. Miss Lola Post author

    Thanks YOU familily for your enthusiasm! We prepared the materials with all the love. Let’s see if next course we have more English Bags per class.

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