The adventures of Tintin

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to school and best wishes for the New Year!!

During this term we’ll be working on Tintin comics. For the moment you can enjoy his adventures online and in English. Enjoy!!

Merry Christmas!!

Hi children!

Christmas is around the corner and we’d like to celebrate it with some songs and games.

Rudolph, the Red Nose Reindeer

What’s this! Nightmare Before Christmas

Christmas Quiz  (Year 5, 6)

Help Santa to deliver the presents (Year 3, 4)

Memory game (Year1, 2)

Write a Letter to Santa (Year 5, 6)

A Snowman Story (Year 3, 4)

Listen to a Song (Year, 1, 2)

And more Christmas games for all  —–>Merry-Christmas-from-Bloggertone

Merry Christmas!!

Miss Lola








Today, 4th of June, the students of 1st, 2nd and 3rd level have been watching the representation of Cinderella fairy tale.
Here you have the photos taken during the representation.


April fool’s day

The sixth level students have done an activity called APRIL FOOL’S DAY

April fool’s day is a festivity celebrated on April first every year and it is popular with children who like playing tricks on their family and teachers. Usually the tricks are not offensive, but some people don’t have a good sense of humour and they can get angry or frustrated. The time limit for playing tricks is at midday.

Television, newspaper, radio and internet, tell false news or stories to play tricks on people.

In Spain people stick a little paper man on their friend’s back on the 28th of december.

In class we did and activity called “fool animal”. We stick two pices of paper with a  name of diferent animal, we created a fool animal.Then, we had to draw and desribe it. This is the result: