Shall we sing to the Blue Moon?

Hi everyone!

Lluis recommended me the web and I had a look at it. It’s great. You can find there all the Jazz you want and listen to it in the radio with the easiest access. I just added the link in the blog. Here you have a small sample of what I found there. Any suggestions will be welcome!

Listen to this beautiful jazz song. It was sung by Billie Holiday, among others, and you can sing it too with the help of the lyrics below. Enjoy!

Billie holiday



Billie Holiday


Song lyrics written by Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart

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Marx Brothers spend ‘A Night At The Opera’

Watch these scenes from A Night At The Opera and have fun!

At the apartment

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Script of the scene ‘at the apartment’

The stateroom scene

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Script of the scene ‘the stateroom’

Have you ever felt true love? Madonna has…

True blue

True blue means Loyal, faithful, e.g.: You can count on her support; she’s true blue. This expression alludes to the idea of blue being the color of constancy, but the exact allusion is disputed. One theory holds it alludes to the unchanging blue sky, another to the fastness of a blue dye that will not run.



by Madonna

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Imagine we sing karaoke

Sing Imagine with the help of these two videos:




by John Lennon


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this is the karaoke without a voice


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Summer classes starting on Monday 30th!!

Hello again friends!

first day of school

As you already know, our summer classes are starting on Monday. I hope you feel relaxed and happy to start again, because we’re going to do lots of things during next week.

A new teacher is coming as well to help us develope your speaking. Her name is Belinda Martin and She’s from Trinidad and Tobago. She’s really nice and her accent is beautiful!

See you on Monday and, please, behave on your first day of school…