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Written Exam and Listening test on Monday 24th!!!

As I said yesterday, We’re having an exam next Monday.

Please, don’t panic!

If you find time to study, just do a little everyday, but do something easy and brief each time (for example, you can do a listening every day and maybe a couple of exercises from the blog or the workbook)

you can ask me anything you don’t understand by writing me an e-mail to

Good luck!

and see you on Monday

New Listening tools! Let’s get started!

Have a look at our new listening tools. They’re great and will help us learn more is a web site where you can practice your listening skills with the help of audio tracks and quizzes. It’s fun and it’s not difficult. Just do one listening a week and you’ll see!

here you have your first listening activity. Just click on the image: is a web site where you can practice your listening skills with the help of interesting videos which have the corresponding transcription in English and a translation into Spanish.

here you have a sample. Just click on the image:

Summer classes starting on Monday 30th!!

Hello again friends!

first day of school

As you already know, our summer classes are starting on Monday. I hope you feel relaxed and happy to start again, because we’re going to do lots of things during next week.

A new teacher is coming as well to help us develope your speaking. Her name is Belinda Martin and She’s from Trinidad and Tobago. She’s really nice and her accent is beautiful!

See you on Monday and, please, behave on your first day of school…