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Pieces of writing produced as classwork which are so good that can’t be kept anonymous.



When I was little (past forms revision and use of “used to”)

A rock star by Elisabeth Cardona

When I was thirteen years old I wanted to be a rock singer.I listened to rock music every day.
My favourite singer was “Suzi Quatro”.She had a rock band and she sang hard rock, Suzi shouted when the song finished.
I decided to study music, my dream was to be a rock singer.
My music teacher was a good pianist. He taught me how to play the piano and how to sing without shouting. However I still wanted to be a rock singer. I thought that my musical education would be good for my dream.
I studied music for five years, I played the piano every day. I enjoied playing classical music at the piano. My favourite composers were Bach, Mozart…
My dream didn’t come true, because when I was eighteen years old I didn’t become a rock singer, I wanted to study, my dream was to be a teacher.
However, in my heart there will always be a good memory from that singer.
I think that I still dream of being a bit of a rock artist sometimes.

Elisabeth Cardona, Primary teacher at Sagrada Familia School


Would you like to listen to Suzy Quatro?Cool





My Favourite Things

Iuma by Encarna Muñoz


My favourite thing is my daughter’s pup, maybe the prettiest dog I’ve ever seen.
It’s just two months old.
This puppy is as tall as the cuddly dog that I bought last Christmas, the night before the 6th of January, the Three Wise Men’s day.
It’s so nice for me to watch it walking along the street, although it walks more slowly than me, and so I have to pick it up and hold it in my arms.
Anyway it’s the most beautiful puppy I’ve ever had.
Now I don’t really spend a lot of time at home, because I love visiting my daughter and taking care of Iuma with her (together). It’s more fun!

Encarna Muñoz, Primary teacher at Sagrada Familia School









A phonecall

A fire in the campus by Mercè Tarrés


-Hello Josep! How are you?

-Hello mum! I’m well, but at this moment I’m feeling sad.

-What’s the matter?

-I’m seeing how my university is burning!

-What are you saying? What’s happened?

-During the past weekend there was a leak of water, then they cut the water supply but it had produced a shortcut in a coffee machine placed on the 6th floor. It started to burn this morning. The flames reached the roof and it fell down. The firemen controlled the evacuation of the building.

-It’s terrible! Were there any victims?

-No, there weren’t any. The police and the firemen cleared people out orderly. All day there has been a gray cloud over Delft and the air smells bad.

-Did you have anything there?

-No, I only had two models from the quarter and they had already been marked.

Netherlands architects are worried. the library contained some important books and there was also an important collection of chairs designed by the most important architecture figures.

-Where are the students going to continue with their courses?

-There are some buildings in the campus where they can continue, and in Rotterdam too, I suppose.

-I’m sorry for all but the important thing is that people are well. We’ll talk in the a few days. Kisses for you!

-Bye, bye, mum. Kisses for you too.



Mercè Tarrés, Primary teacher at Sagrada Familia School



A scene description (present continuous practice)


Bathers at Asnières by Conxi García


This is a Georges Seurat’s picture called ‘Bathers at Asnières

One child is taking a bath in the river, he is wearing a yellow hat and the other one is putting his hands on his mouth. He is wearing a red hat and a bathing suit too. On the left, there is a man who is laying down on the grass, he’s wearing a black hat, a shirt and blue trousers. All the people are wearing bathing suits but they aren’t wearing shirts.

Many people are swimming or sunbathing on the margins of the river. In the river, three people are sailing with a small boat. This picture is at the National Gallery of London.


Maria Concepción Garcia, Primary teacher at Sagrada Familia School


Surprisedif you want to read a description of this painting made by the National Gallery experts, click on the picture itself.



Charlie Parker by Lluís Batlle

Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker was one of the most important and influential saxophonists of the 1940’s

His family moved to kansas City, Missouri, where jazz, blues and gospel music were flourishing. When he was fifteen years old, he showed a great interest in music and a love for the alto saxophone.

From 1935 to 1939, Parker worked in Kansas City.

In 1939, Parker visited New York for the first time, and he stayed. The New York atmosphere greatly influenced Parker’s musical style.

A year later, Parker travelled* to Chicago where he played with good jazz musicians.

The year1945 was very important for Parker because he played with Dizzy Gillespie, one of the best bebop trumpet players.

Parker was the most important player of bebop.

Charles “Yardbird” Parker was a beautiful saxophonist who gained recognition for his brilliant solos and innovative improvisations. He was one of the most influential and talented musicians in jazz History.

Lluis Batlle History teacher at Sagrada Familia School

*traveled (American English) / travelled (British English)

13 thoughts on “Our writing corner

  1. Montse Sallés i Montse Reinés

    We were painting while we were listening to
    music when suddenly the light went off. Then
    the colours were mixing on the canvas, after
    that the light retourned and the abstract
    painting appeared.Later we sold it
    very expensive and we became famous artists.


    This last weekend my family had a normal sa
    I was clearing while the children were playing in the pool. Suddenly my husband arrived home then asked me:
    Do you want me to help you?
    And I answered:Do you want me to help you?
    -No let’s do something different.
    After that we went to the pool with our

  3. Lluïsa

    We were coming to the school by bus.
    The streets were calm while people were
    sleeping because yesterday night there was
    screaming all night.
    Suddenly the bus stopped. then we approached
    while the people were saying:What happened?What’s going on?
    The driver was sleeping!
    Esther i Lluïsa

  4. Conxi and Silvia

    We were speaking at the restaurant when
    suddenly the doors opened and then a famous
    actor came in, he was George Clooney.He sat
    near our table and then he talked with us.
    After that we were very pleased and we
    explained to him everything about our town.

  5. Text Encarna i Lluís

    A story for you

    I was watching TV in my house when suddenly I heard a very strong noise. Then I got up from my chair because I wanted to see over the balcony while the people were speaking loud.
    After that I was worried but… I went to the kitchen to drink a beer and later…
    I was waking up from my dream.

  6. Elisabet i Vanessa

    We were watching Ventdelplà on Tv, when suddenly somebody spoke very loud then we went to see what was happening
    Then a neigbour who was in front of the door because a mouse was running in the living room, while his wife was running with one broom. Later his cat ate the mouse.
    After that we continued watching Ve ntdelpla on the sofa.

  7. montse sallès,LLuís, Encarna,Cati, LLuïsa

    In our dream we were in a big and old casttle in “Transilvania”.
    It was dark night, we had stormy weather.The windows closed and opened. Sundderly the door opened and a ghost appeared before our eyes whith a glass of red wine and said with a strange voice:good nigth everyone.
    Do you think it was a glass of wine or a glass of blood?
    Unfortunately we woke up but.finally we saw there was a glass of red wine on our bed side table…

  8. Maria F,Montse Reinés,Esther and Montse Romero

    In my dream I was walking on the beach. Suddenly a handsome man gave me an envelope. Then to my surprise I lookeed into the envelope and I found a lot of money. After that my mind began to dream. Unfortunately the money was false. Finally some loud music sounded and I woke up.

  9. Elisabet

    Dear teachers! How are you ?
    I’m very well.I would like to tell my holidays. I went to Paris, I visited three museums: Pompidou, Louvre and Orsay.
    Vincent Van Goch (painter impressioniste) has one room with his paintings in the museum Orsay. I felt a good impression when saw theirs paintings. I got goose-pimples (se’m va posar la pell de gallina).
    I visited la tour Eiffel, Notre Dame, Saint Chapelle, Montmatre…
    Paris is a lively city, when I get on underground I counted seven races diferent people.
    I went also to Belgium, Brujas is a medieval city, theirs buildings are gothic.
    The Gran Markt is a beautiful square when the people can drink to a beer, contemplate the pretiest building in the town.
    Bruselas is a modern city when there are The European Parliament and gothics buildings too.
    The chocolate is delicious but very expensive.
    I had another exciting experience I made rafting in the Noguera Pallaresa River. I fell when the water to flowed very rapid (quick), I was very scared because the river crawled (arrossegava) my body, in the end I toke the roar and I to get into the boat.
    I like travel around the worl, I’ m organizing the next holidays. I would like go to England why I can speak a lot of english.

  10. Marta Post author

    Well done Elisabeth!
    You may find the correction to your composition in your personal e-mail and in the homework page in this blog.
    Thanks and bye bye x x x

  11. montse romero

    Hello Marta, this is my composition …
    HERE THERE WAS MONTSE R.’S COMPOSITION “My favourite things”
    Montse, you can find the correction document on the homework page (NEXT TO THE MOSAIC PICTURE) or attached to the e-mail I just sent you.

  12. montse sallès,LLuís, Encarna,Cati, LLuïsa

    Hi Marta!
    My favourite things
    In my free time i like…
    You will find the correction in this blog, on the homework page, or in your e-mail tray as an attached document.

  13. montse sallès,LLuís, Encarna,Cati, LLuïsa

    I went to landas (France) last august with …
    you will find the correction document in your e-mail or in the blog, on the homework page (next to the picture of my holidays).
    see you!

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