Getting started

Hi friends!

Welcome to this brand new meeting point!

This is going to be our place to study, play, talk and work together.

Please, feel free to come in and use any link you find interesting.

It ‘ll be fun to have a look at our riddle of the week and try to leave an answer in the blog.

Check the Songs category and practice at home.

Click on Words, words, words category and learn interesting words every week.

Have a look at Literature? Yes please! and try to guess the name of the famous writer through his writing. Try to translate the quotes and you’ll learn lots of English!

Go inside the Literature page and find out more about our favorite writers.

Open Our Writing Corner page and read your classmates’ best work and even yours.

Play games, read and write just for fun!

Have a look at the blog in general while practicing some English.

Good luck!

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