Any piece of homework you produce can be left as a comment in this page, ‘homework’, in our ‘writing corner’ page, or it can just be sent to my e-mail address: mney@xtec.cat


Monday 17th of November 2008

Practice for next Monday’s examination:

  • Do exercises in New English File Web Site that you may find in Links . You can do Grammar and Vocabulary for files 1 to 6 (there are some contents we haven’t done so be careful!)
  • You can do all the listening exercises we have in this blog. (go to Listening page)


Monday 10th of November 2008

Work on your compositions.

Go to the New English File web site (you can find it in the Links list on the right) and open Grammar. Then go to File 6, Unit 6B and do exercises on Second Conditional. When you finish, you can send me a message telling me about your results.


Tuesday 3rd of November 2008

Finish the revision exercises I gave you in class.

Work on your compositions.

Do all the exercises you want from the New English File web site and send me a message telling me about your results if you find time and a computer to do it.


Monday 27th of October 2008

  Write a composition called “When I was little…“, using the construction “I used to + infinitive

Correction documents:

Elisabeth ‘When I was little’ correction document

Montse R ‘When I was little’ correction document


Do the exercises about First Conditional that you can find in the grammar page and write a comment in the same page telling me your results.

Go to Links, New English File Web Site, and do exercises on the First Conditional. You can do all the exercises you want. In the end, write a comment telling me about your results.

Monday 20th of October 2008

Do the exercises about say / tell in the photocopy

Finish the exercises about modifiers we started in class

Do the grammar bank exercises of unit 5A (p. 134) in the Student’s book

You can start doing the exercises from the Workbook for unit 5A (p. 39 and 40)

Monday 13th of October 2008

Do the revision exercises I gave you last week.

Sorry! I forgot to tell you: Do the grammar bank exercises of unit 5A (p. 134) in the Student’s book

Monday 6th of October 2008

Do the grammar bank exercises of unit 6A(p.64) in the Student’s book

Do the vocabulary bank exercises of unit 6A (p.149) in the Student’s book

Do unit 6A in the Workbook, pages 49 and 50

Remember next Monday we’ll correct the reading exercises from unit 4D in the Student’s book on page 46

Monday 29th of September 2008

Do the vocabulary bank exercises of unit 4D (p.145) in the Student’s book

Do unit 4D in the Workbook, pages 37 and 38

Write a composition using the comparatives and the superlatives with the title ‘My favourite things’. It could start like this:

“I like music, but my favourite music is Pop, I think it is the most exciting music of all times because …”

“I love swimming because I can be alone for an hour and do some exercise. In my opinion swimming is harder than other sports because…”

Ann's favourite things

Correction documents from “my favourite things” composition fbfghb
Correction document for Montse R.  
Correction document for Montse S.  
Correction document for Encarna  

Monday 22nd of September 2008

Do second half of unit 5C in the Work Book, page 45

Monday 15th of September 2008

Do the Grammar Bank exercises of unit 5C (p.134) in the Student’sBook

Do exercises 1, 2 and 3 of unit 5C in the Work Book, page 44

la Comèdie. Montpellier fbfghfghg
Correction documents from holidays compositions:  
Rosa’s summer holidays  
Encarna’s summer holidays  
Elisabeth’s summer holidays  
Montse S.’s summer holidays  
Silvia’s summer holidays  

Friday 4th of July 2008

Enjoy your holidays and, if you find the time, please write a composition telling me about your experiences.

See you soon!


Thursday 3rd of July 2008

Do the grammar bank exercises of unit 4A(p.132)

Do the grammar bank exercises of unit 4C(p.132)

Wednesday 2nd of July 2008

Do the grammar bank exercises of unit 3A(p.130)

Do the grammar bank exercises of unit 3B(p.130)

Go to the Listening page, view Peppa Pig’s episode again and write a synopsis in the comments area.

Tuesday 1st of July 2008

Do the grammar bank exercises of unit 2C(p.128)

Monday 30th of June 2008

Write a dream you or a friend of yours had some time, or even, invent one. Try to include all the ingrtedients you learnt today.

Find out the meaning of the words in the category words, words, words.

Do the grammar bank exercises of unit 2B (p.128)

Do the vocabulary bank exercises of unit 2B (p.148)

Monday 2nd of June 2008

There’s no homework for this week either.

Just relax and visit our blog when you want. Participate or just read the new stuff.

This has been the end of our first 30-hour module of the year. It wasn’t too bad. Was it?

See you on the 30th!

Monday 26th of May 2008

There’s no homework for this week. If you have some time, feel free to play around the blog and write any comments you like.

Monday 19th of May 2008

myself in a mirror – A description of yourself (page 13 of the Student’s book). 15 lines maximum  
Correction documents from “description of myself”  
document for Encarna  
document for Isabel  
document for Conxi  
document for Maria
document for MontseRomero  
Think of an answer to the new riddle (you can write the answer as a comment in the Riddles category)  

Monday 12th of May 2008

lesson 1D from the workbook

Composition: a phonecall to a relative

waiting for a phonecall

29 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Marta

    I forgot to tell you that ten (10) conversation lines is a good length for this composition.

    If you have any doubts or any other comments to make, please, feel free to write on this page.

    See you next Monday.

  2. Esther

    Hello Marta!Hello mates!
    I’m happy and I’m sending you a good day!

  3. Rosa marfà morros

    Hello, It´s my second message. The first message doesn’t appear in the blog.

  4. conxi

    Hi!Now we are practicing English with a computer. I Think that it’s an interesting experience and if it was possible we could repeat it.

  5. encarna

    Encarna’s self description was here. I erased it to keep confidentiality.
    Encarna, you’ll find the correction in the homework page as a document to download.

    see you on Monday

  6. Maria Fullà

    Hi Marta!!
    My name’s Maria. I am 43 years old…


    Hi Marta! My homework.
    My name’s Montse. It’s a catalan name. I’m catalan and …


    Hi Marta! homework slowed down.- Sorry
    Description of cristina. She’s my daugther,…

  9. Marta Post author

    You’ll find the corrected compositions on the blog page HOMEWORK as documents to download.
    In a few days I’ll erase the previous comments.

    See you on Monday!

  10. Maria an Cati

    This weekend we were on the beach, when
    suddenly we saw a shark. Then the people
    began to scream. Afterthat the beach-watcher
    called the police. Five minutes later a lot of
    policemen came to the beach and solved the

  11. encarna

    My Summer Holiday

    I went on holiday last July. I was away for two weeks …
    You will find the correction in this blog (in the homework page) and in your e-mail
    See you soon!

  12. Elisabet Cardona

    Composition. When I was littel

    When I were thirteen years old I wanted to be a rock singer.I listened rock music every day.
    My favourite singer was “Suzi Quatro”.She had a rock band and she sang hard rock, Suzi shouted when de song finished.
    I decided to study music, my dream were to be a rock singer.
    My music teacher was a good pianist.He teached me to play the piano and singer without shout.However I still wanted to be a rock singer.I thought what my musical education would be good for my dream.
    I studied music five years, I played every day the piano. I enjoied playing the classical music at the piano.My favourite composers were Bach, Mozart…
    My dream didn’t come true, because when I were eighteen years old I didn’t to be a rock singer, I wanted to study , my dream were to be a teacher.
    Althougt, in my heart always will be are a good memory for that singer.
    I think what still dream to be sometimes a little rock

  13. Montse Romero

    Hi Marta!
    The exrcices of Firts Conditional results are First Conditinal 1 — 100% ; 85%
    Firts conditinal 2 — 75%
    Firts conditinal 3 — 100%.

    See you!

  14. Montse Romero

    Hi Marta My Composition When I was little…

    The summer holidays I used to go to Calella de Palafrugell. We used to go to the beach every morning.I used to go by bicycle whith my family every afternoon.
    We used eat “paella” every thusday because my mum was fishmonger it was tradition.
    Wen I were twelve years old I used to play basketball two days a week in the evening, because every saturday I used play the match.
    For Christmas I used go to see in the theater the play “Shepherd” (Els Pastorets) wiht my cousins. After that we used go to has a cup of chocolate in the granmum house. It was very nice!!

    See you tomorrow!!

  15. Maria Fullà

    Hy Marta!!!! Sorry for the delay!!!! My composition from When I was little…..

    When I was little I used to go to Premià de Mar every summer, because my parents have a house in this country. In the morning I used to go every day to the beach with my friends!! In the afternoon I used to go with bike around the town.
    I remember that one summer my friends and me form a team of female soccer. This summer we used to play every day football, and than we play a game against the boys. It was a complety disaster because we lost, but we enjoyed very much. On Saturday night I used to go out because in the town square played “sardanas”. It was a wery speciale day!! I remember it with “nostalgia”

  16. Maria Fullà

    Hy Marta!!! Now my summer holidays!! Sorry! (Más vale tarde que nunca!!)
    This holidays I traveled with my family to Riaño. Riaño is a little village near to León. We went in a campsite very beatiful, because it was very quiet and with breathtaking views. It was the first time that we traveled with one caravana and the experience was very nice!
    We did trainings, we visited villages and we did sports, specialy, water sports, because in Riaño it’s a very big dam.
    One day, in one of our trainings we saw “chamois” (rebecos). We was wery happy and we take photos!!In the campsite we know a family from Jerez and we befriended.
    We stayed 13 days at the campsite and we were very lucky with the time because it rain only for one day!! Our first intention was to make a map but… the campsite was so beautiful that we decided to stay. See you on Monday!!! Maria

  17. Maria Fullà

    Hy Marta!! This weekend I work hard with the homeworks!!! Finally!!! Now, “my favourite things” composition.
    In my free times I like walking at the mountain. I think that walking at the mountain is better than walking in Sabadell, because in the mountain is mor quiet and silent. I also like going with the bike, but I think that going with bike is harder than walking, specialy, when the road is rising. (de pujada)I also like playing the piano, because I thing it’s a very nice instrument, but I don’t have the time for study it. I think that playing piano is more difficult that playing flute, because when you play piano the hands carry a different pace, while in the flute it’s easier.
    See you tomorrow, Marta!! Maria

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