What can we do?

5. What can we do to fight global warming?

Here you will find some examples… 

As you will see in this section, making the extra effort to switch appliances could have a significant impact on your carbon footprint.          Go to: http://www.mycarbonfootprint.eu/carboncalculator2_en.asp

1.      Do the quiz

2.      Write five sentences telling how you can reduce emissions of carbon dioxie.5.3 Use conditional sentences as in the example:If I reduce temperature a degree centigrade, I will save 7,5% of the energy                     

3. There are also other ways to behave environmentally friendly. Find out by doing the following quiz about climate change



What Score did you get?  


4. We should use resources as efficiently as possible and minimize our impacts on climate change. By generating less waste, and by recycling more, rather than throwing things away, we can reduce the amount of new resources that are needed, which also saves energy. In addition, disposing of waste through landfill or incineration generates greenhouse gases as well as other negative environmental impacts.

5. Now go to the following website and vote:


6. What do other people think according to this web?

7. Do you think we should produce less waste?

 8. Forests can help out our planet. Discover how:        

Click on: http://www.quia.com/mc/323745.html           

 Do the exercises 

9. Language focus task: Do the following quiz about cause and effect:


10. Write out some of the conclusions you have reached so far.

Write 5 sentences about Climate Change topic using patterns similar to the ones in the previous quiz. Use a different pattern for each one.        

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