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Level: Batxillerat

Timing: 6-8 sessions



  • Raise awareness about climate change

  • Raise awareness of our responsibility towards it

  • Propose actions in order to stop it

  • Team work: Make a presentation


Use of English

  •  Use of English in a meaningful context

  • Vocabulary related to the topic

  •  Grammar consolidation:  Conditionals, Modal verbs. Cause and effect sentences…

  • Reading: Quizzes, graphics, websites

  • Listening and watching: Videos

  • Writing: Conclusions and presentation

  • Speaking: Oral Presentation



  • Use of ICT to obtain information

  • Use of ICT to do exercises

  • Use of ICT to make a presentation



  • Analytical Tasks

  • Compilation Tasks

  • Journalistic Tasks

  • Language awareness Tasks

  • Retelling Tasks


  1. Students work individually or in pairs in the computer room doing the tasks specified on each page

  2. By the end of this activity, students work in groups and prepare a power point presentation about their conclusions

  3. Students evaluate presentations by using a rubric (see evaluation)           


As specified in each page

1.      Introduction

2.      Global warming.

3.      Carbon dioxide emissions.

4.      Corporations harming the environment.

5.      Take action: What can you do?

6.      Power Point Presentation 

Teaching approach

– Task based

– Content based

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