Evaluation rubric

 Aspects Needs improvement 1 Satisfactory 2 Good 3 Excellent 4
UsingInternet You aren’t autonomous. Occasionally, you use the links given and you surf the net with some problems. You use as many of the links given and you surf the net quite well. You surf the net with any support and help.
Taskaccomplishment More than one task was not completely accomplished or was difficult to One task was not accomplished or was not understood. Most tasks accomplished and understood All tasks accomplished and understood
Content Lack of organizationThere are some mistakes The information is not clear enough. The information is quite clear and organized. Lack of details The information is clear, structured and relevant.
Language There are too many mistakes. There are quite a lot of mistakes. There are basic mistakes, although the level of language is good. No mistakes and high level of language used.
Power Point Presentation Poor resentation and design. Lack of images There is too much written text Images are a bit confusing Good design Images are clear  Creative design Good balance of text and images

Mark: _________ / 20

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