Climate change. Introduction

Climate change. Introduction

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1. Fill in the gaps

human behaviour – greenhouse effect – climate change – predicted – natural changes – humans – threat

The term 1. __________________________ is generally used when referring to changes in our climate which have been identified since the early part of the 1900’s. The changes we’ve seen over recent years and those which are 2. _______________ over the next 80 years are thought to be mainly as a result of 3.  ______________ rather than due to in the atmosphere.

The 4. ______________ is very important when we talk about climate change as it relates to the gases which keep the Earth warm. It is the extra greenhouse gases which 4 __________ have released which are thought to pose the strongest 5. ___________.

2.      Comprensión questions:

1.      What does the term climate change refer to?

2.      Who is responsible for it?

3.      Is it dangerous for humankind?

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3.1. Play games. 3.2 Which one did you like the most?

            The games I liked the most are:

3.2.      Have you learnt any new vocabulary? Write the words you have learnt with their translation. Go to to check for the meaning of the words.

Write at least ten words related to Climate Change topic:

Word                                 Translation     

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