Global warming

2. Global warming


          Watch the video: Global Warming 

1. Before watching the video.

Fill in the blanks with these words:Earth, temperature, life, space, kind, blue, thin, balance  Picture this: A 1. ______ planet protected by 2. ___________ a layer of atmosphere that keeps 3. _______________, air and water in perfect 4. ____________to maintain 5. ___________.In the cold depths of 5. __________, this planet is a virtual paradise: The only one known of its 6. _________ . And it is our planet, 7___________.

2. Watch the first part of the video and check your answers.

3. Watch the video again and decide if these sentences are true or false? Correct wrong sentences 

  1. The life sustaining systems on this planet are breaking down
  2. Human civilization has brought this planet to the break
  3. Our addiction to oil is not the cause
  4. Oil is essentially ancient sunlight which has become fuel: oil, coal or gas
  5. We are not running out of oil
  6. Our consumption of oil and other fossil fuels has thrown over 700 tons of carbon pollution into the atmosphere
  7. The accumulated pollution causes the atmosphere to trap more of the sun’s heat.
  8. This causes earth’s temperature go up and it’s called global warming
  9. During the last century, the earth temperature has not gone up any degree Fahrenheit
  10. Global warming is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity
  11. Global warming has already caused natural disasters such as killer heat weaves, extreme weather conditions, floods, rising sea lands, giants chunks of ice breaking off the artic
  12. Governments and corporations have done their best to stop global warming
  13. One of the problems is that they get too much money on our dependence on oil

4. According to Leonardo di Caprio what can be done about this?

Order these options according to its order of appearance. 

a) Use energy more efficiently

b) Support clean energy sources

c) Get educated

d) Vote for leaders who care for environment

e) Support non profit who are making a difference

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