1999:Thug Love
1999:How To Rob
2002:In da Club
2003:Patiently Waiting
2003 :21 Questions
2003 :P.I.M.P.
2003:What Up Gangsta
2003:If I Can’t
2004:Westside Story
2004:How We Do
2005:Hate It or Love It
2004:Disco Inferno
2005:Candy Shop
2005:Piggy Bank
2005:Just a Lil Bit
2005:Outta Control
2005:My Toy Soldiers
2005:Hustlers Ambition
2005:Window Shopper
2005:Have A Party
2006:Best Friend
2007:Funeral Music
2007:Straight To The Bank
2007:Amusement Park
2007:I Get Money
2007:Ayo Technology
2007:Follow My Lead
2007:Come & Go
2008:Get Up


1999:Power Of The Dollar
2002:Guess Who’s Back?
2002:No Mercy, No Fear
2002:God’s Plan
2002:50 Cent Is The Future
2003:Get Rich or Die Tryin’
2003:Maximum 50 Cent
2003.Beg For Mercy
2003:24 Shots
2003:Tha Realest Killaz
2003:Gangster And A Gentleman (Part 1)
2004:Behind Da Bars
2005:The Massacre
2005:Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ – The Motion Picture
2005:The Massacre (Edición Especial)
2006:For Love Or War

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