The mystery of Tutankhamun’s death

Watch the following video about the mystery of Tut’s death and do the exercises:

Write true or false:

(until 1:42)
  1. Tut was an icon of the Egyptian power.
 2. Until the discovery of his tomb Tut was well known in Egypt.
 3. The walls of his tomb were full of information about his life.
 4. Nobody knows why he died.
 5. There are two possible reasons to explain his death.
 6. One reason can be that he was hurt during a combat.
 7. He fractured his leg while doing some sport.
 8. He was murdered with a gun shot.

Choose the correct option:

(from 1:42 til the end)
1. The scanner generates more than________ images.
  1. 500
  2. 1.500
  3. 50.000
2. The hole in the head means that maybe he was ________.
  1. killed
  2. ill when he was little
  3. hit on the head accidentally
3. The Egyptians think that the hole in the head was made by __________
  1. his family
  2. the embalmers
  3. the gravedigger
4. When they keep on analysing Tut’s body they see a fracture in __________
  1. his foot
  2. his leg
  3. his knee
5. The mystery of Tut’s death is solved after __________.
  1. 13.000 years
  2. 3.000 years
  3. 1.000 years

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