Patricia Highsmith and her criminal mind

Have you ever heard of Patricia Highsmith? Do you know any of her works?

I. Watch the video and fill in the gaps with the missing information about Patricia Highsmith’s biography.

  1. Born in her grandmother’s boarding house in _____________ in ________.
  2. She was born ______ days after her mother divorced her father.
  3. Her mother went off to Chicago to be an _______________ and left her with her grandmother. This was the author of much of her _________ in later life and she never forgot.
  4. She had a wonderful ability to ___________ herself in her work.
  5. Her interesting mother was the ______________ for every noir bitch that turned up in her writing.
  6. She wrote two famous books turned into _________ :”Strangers on a train” and “The talented Mr. Ripley”.
  7. Hichcock thought her work was too _______________ and he toned it down.
  8. The film version of Mr. Ripley isn’t as  ______________ as the book.
  9. Both men and women found her extremely seductive but she has a preference for ___________. 
  10. According to the speaker, she was an obsessive, homicidal, ______________ lesbian who never ceased thinking about ___________.

WORKSHEET STDs& teacher’s

II. Have you watched the film adaptation of her two most famous novels? Would you like to watch them?

III. Read and listen to her short story “The Heroine” and do the activities.


IV. For St. George, you will write a suspense, psychological thriller or crime fiction story. You can get your inspiration from Patricia Highsmith!


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