Women’s rights country by country

What aspects of gender equality should be legislated? What laws do you know in your country that help achieve gender equality? Do you think it is the same in other countries around the world?

Check the following interactive by The Guardian which analyses different aspects related to gender equality legislation.

  1. Match the words with their definitions:
harassment 1. when requested, asked for
non-discrimination clause 2. to give official permission for something to happen
provision 3. the status of being in a parent and child relationship
ownership rights 4. the legal right to be a citizen of a particular country
inheritance rights 5. Behaviour that annoys or upsets someone.
on request 6. To give an official title, honour, or advantage to someone
maternity & paternity leave 7. Rights determine who has the legal right to claim your property after you die
to mandate 8. the act of giving someone something he or she needs
family status 9. to employ someone or pay them to do a particular job
ban 10. the fact of owning something
  hire 11. a part of a legal document that establishes people mustn’t be discriminated
  dismissal 12. a mother who is breast-feeding her baby.
  nursing mother 13. to officially stop a person or many people from doing something
  confer 14. the situation in which an employer officially makes someone leave their job
  citizenship 15. a period in which a woman/man is legally allowed to be absent from work in the weeks before and after she/her wife gives birth

II. Go to the infographic and choose an area of the world. What are the OECD countries? Discuss with your group what countries protect women’s rights and what rights are still not guaranteed. Note down three facts you find the most striking.

The Guardian 2013

1- East Europe & Central Asia (23 countries)

2- East Asia & Pacific (13 countries)

3- Latin America & Carib (19 countries)

4- Middle East & North Africa (14 countries)

5- OECD (30 countries)

6- South Asia (5 countries)

7- Sub-Saharan Africa (36 countries)

III. Write an opinion essay on the topic: Women’s rights struggle is going for a long time. How have governments contributed to equality worldwide and what does it still need to get done?

Students’ worksheet

Source: http://https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/ng-interactive/2014/feb/04/womens-rights-country-by-country-interactive