Poetry, music, emotions & the brain

A research study has looked into what happens inside your brain while you read and listen to music. 

You know that thrill you get when listening to your favourite music? That exciting feeling down your spine when you hear your favourite melody or rhythm? According to a recent study, it seems the same thing can happen while you are reading, but not with every kind of text. This opens up fascinating questions around how music, reading and emotions are connected in the brain.

I. Read the following text and answer the questions below.

[Source: Learnenglishteens]

II. Read the following texts and decide if they belong to a song or to a poem. Why do you think that? What characteristics do they share? What makes them different?

III. Let’s check your answers! 

  1. Fear – by Raymond Carver
  2. I wanna be yours – by John Cooper Clarke / Arctic Monkeys
  3. Find Me – by Forest Blakk

This is how I discovered this beautiful spoken song. It was published by @culturainquieta on Instagram and I couldn’t tear my eyes away…

IV. Write a short text answering the following questions: How do you think poetry and music are related? What do you prefer? Can you think of any songs or poems that stirred up your emotions? Which ones and why? (Remember to organise your ideas and use paragraphs and connectors. Write 80-100 words) 


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