Recycling is fun!

Our super recyclers han Explored the amazing world of recycling throught fun experiments, games such as crossword and wordsearch, cool projects, interesting videos and more! All this to know and learn why we recycle, where it happens, how it happens, what materials are easiest to recycle, how much energy it can save and much more
ReCyclE ToDay For A BeTter ToMorRow!

Let’s go to the Theatre!

Going to the theatre is a good choice for a different excursion with children as it generates conversations with children and strengthens ties. So, one an excellent idea it could be go to the theater to watch Dracula after working on it in class. The theatre helps children and adults to imagine and dream. It is a path full of emotions. Going to the theater is always a good plan!

Healthy Eating and First Aid (5è A/B)

The students of 5th grade have done murals about the food pyramid and about first aid. Students learn more about the food groups and explore which foods are in each group. Moreover, We invited students to track for five days the number of servings they eat from each food group each day. At the end of five days, students can compare their initial estimates with the actual number of servings they eat. They were motivated to know if they had good to bad healthy habits.

Healthy lifestyles vector concept.

DeSigN 3D EcoSysTemS

After studying the unit of ecosystems the 6th students have created different types of ecosystems with 3D format.
The children have worked in groups and then, they have presented their ecosystem explaining their characteristics.
Children have enjoyed doing this type of projects, moreover they have been very motivated and interested in it.

The projects have been brilliant, they have done a good job!

They are an ExCEllEnT ScienTisTs!!!