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3r i 4t d’Educació Primària

We care about animals in danger

In the English lessons  from 3rd grade we have studied some animals which are in danger of extinction, and we have also learnt their habitat and how can we help them!

In order to do so, the children of 3rd grade, during English lessons, have created this project where they have chosen their favourite animal in danger. After that, they looked for important  information about them, such as what do they eat, their favourite activities or where do they live.



You can see some examples of the projects of some students from the group 3rd A if you click the image.




This is a small step children have enjoyed to take if we want to be concious about our planet and their animals.





this morning our young explorers are investigating. Bees!:

Bees are insects. Everyone knows about at least one part of their anatomy: Its stinger. They have six legs, four wings and two antennae. They are black with yellow stripes. They eat pollen in the flowers. Bees buzz and they are members of the colony.

3rd graders & Ms. María

Sea Turtles

Our young explores of 3rd grade are investigating Sea Turtles!:

Sea turtles eat sea grass and crabs. They love jellyfish and pink shrimps. They can hold their breath for 30 minutes. They can live more than 100 years!

#Sea #Turtles

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3rd graders & Ms. María

We wrote to Santa


It’s the time of year that we need to let Santa know we are thinking of him. Together we decided that when we wrote to Santa we needed to thank him for last year’s gift, say something nice and then tell him what we were hoping to get this year. The students worked very hard on this;  It’s an important document to get right.

We mailed the letters to Santa!

Ms. María