Letter exchange 2nd grade

Dear families,

Our 2nd grade students have taken part in a letter exchange programme throughout the school year. They have written letters to 2nd grade students from Marius Torres School, talking about themselves, what they like and dislike and giving personal information.

It’s been a great experience and a good way to use the English language in a real context.

Click here to see more photos!


Jack and the magic beans theatre play!

Dear families,

Last Thursday the 25th of March, our 1st and 2nd grade students went to the school playground to see a theatre play. The name of the play was “Jack and the magic beans”. They had a great time and enjoyed it a lot! Click here to see the photos.

Thanks La maquineta produccions for such an amazing show!


Speaking activities with our 1st grade students!

Dear families,

This week we have practiced speaking skills through games with our 1st grade students to review the winter clothes and colours.

It’s a great way to put into practice the structures and vocabulary learned in the unit and the most important thing is that our students had lots of fun!!!

Click on the photo to see the games and activities they did.



Dear families,

Our students from 5th Grade have written letters to their pen pals from Paco Candel School.

They are really happy and they are waiting to have news from their new friends.

In this project, we can meet new friends and improve our English.

Click here or click on the photo to see our project!!!!!