Healthy Eating and First Aid (5è A/B)

The students of 5th grade have done murals about the food pyramid and about first aid. Students learn more about the food groups and explore which foods are in each group. Moreover, We invited students to track for five days the number of servings they eat from each food group each day. At the end of five days, students can compare their initial estimates with the actual number of servings they eat. They were motivated to know if they had good to bad healthy habits.

Healthy lifestyles vector concept.

DeSigN 3D EcoSysTemS

After studying the unit of ecosystems the 6th students have created different types of ecosystems with 3D format.
The children have worked in groups and then, they have presented their ecosystem explaining their characteristics.
Children have enjoyed doing this type of projects, moreover they have been very motivated and interested in it.

The projects have been brilliant, they have done a good job!

They are an ExCEllEnT ScienTisTs!!!

6th Grade Graduation: Tears and Dreams

Congratulations to all the 6th graders!

class of

While all teachers are excited for our students’ move to secondary school, I will miss my 6th graders. I wish them great success as they embark on exciting new experiences. I am so proud of each and every one of “my potatoes” in the graduating Class of 2017.

6th A class of 2017 6th B class of 2017

Instead of “goodbye,” I will say “until we meet again!”

Have a terrific summer!

Ms. María

Swimmer poem!

Swimming is fun
you can swim in the sun.
You can swim at night
Need a little bit of light.

3rd graders & Ms. María

Blue Jay

Blue Jay is grey and blue. They are aggressive! It is omnivore and its favourite foods are:  fruits, seeds and small vertebrates. It lives in North America in oaks, beeches, but it loves evergreen forests, farmlands and suburbs! It lives 15 years and it hates owls.

Blue Jay by Montse

5th graders & Ms. María


There are 4 species of this bird. Kookaburra can live 20 years. They are as long as 10 cm and they are noisy. They like to live in forests in small groups or family in Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea . They are carnivores and their favourite food is snakes and small reptiles. Their scientific name Dacelo Gigas.

6th graders & Ms. María

Hello June!

The end of the school year is going to be here before I know it!  This last month of school are always full of craziness!  So… what better way to survive that craziness than to play some different games!

So my search is beginning!

Ms. María