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Comparing our school to the schools in Slovakia and Poland


The pupils of 3rd A and 3rd B wrote comparative sentences and compared IES Eduard Fontserè to our  Slovakian  and our Polish partners

3r A pupils analysed what the Polish school had written about themselves and compared both schools  in more depth. Finally, they wrote their first  compositions. The texts here are just a sample. All the text they wrote (mostly in pairs) are in the TwinSpace.

Parlar del que heu fet al Nadal al fòrum


Seguint l’activitat que vam fer a l’aula el primer dia desprès de vacances, podeu anar al fòrum i explicar als nostres socis europeus el que veu fer durant les vacances de Nadal. Aquesta activitat es pot fer durant el mes de gener, és voluntaria i suposa entre 3 i 5 positius per tots aquells que decideixin fer-la.

Us recordo que teniu accés al fòrum des del menú esquerre del bloc.

Un cop dintre del bloc heu de fer un clic a sobre del menú de l’esquerre, a “forum”. En la següent pantalla heu de fer un clic a “How did you spend your Christmas holidays?” i, finalment, per tal de poder escriure, heu de fer un clic a “+ new topic”. Quan acabeu heu d’anar al final de la pantalla amb la barra lateral, escriure les lletres que visualtitzeu i  fer un darrer clic a “submit”.

No cal dir que també podeu fer contribucions a “getting to know each other” i també tindreu positius. Per anar a aquest fòrum teniu un menú desplegable a dalt de la pantalla on heu escrit el vostre missatge a la dreta; es diu “Jump to: select a forum”

Bona feina!

Greetings from Slovakia


we are from Slovakia .. this is our first project so we are happy about it because our english is not so good so we hope we will be better in english after project ..About us : WE are Nicolette and Juliett…we__ at school 5 years ago and we are still very good friends..we like the same guys (very often :DD

we like music .Music is very important for us .We are listening always and everywhere.we like indie .oldies .sometimes Reggae

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