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What our partners have found out about Spain

What do you think about  their presentations? Is the information right? What positive comments can you make?

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Presentation from our Slovakian partners

Presentation from our Polish partners

Oral presentations on Poland and Slovakia

Here are the rules for the oral presentations that were explained in class.

Remember you can get the template at

The information you looked for last year is here

The groups are:


Tisu, Andrés and Jose – Main Characteristics and Geography
Jessi, Ángela and Lua – Climate, fauna and flora
Carlos, Cristian and M. Esther – Education and History
Cristobal, Estuardo and Stalin – Important people and Sports
Jordan and Hector – Celebrations and Food


Pedro, Ricardo and Julián – Main Characteristics and Geography
Dámaris, Karen S and Marina – Climate, fauna and flora
Karen L., Kevin and Danis  – Education and History
Dani, Javi and Joel  – Important people and Sports
Brian, Xaverie and Sara  – Celebrations and Food

Good luck!

Chat with our Polish and Slovakian friends

polonia.gif eslovakia.gif


This is the information we have gathered about Slovakia and Poland:

  1. Relevant people from Slovakia (Dámaris and Karen S. )
  2. Relevant people from Poland (Kevin and Carlos)
  3. Celebrations in Poland and Slovakia (Tisu, Jose A. and Andrés)
  4. Sports in Poland (Ricardo, Pedro and Jordan)
  5. Sports in Slovakia (Ricardo, Pedro and Jordan)
  6. Education in Poland (Karen L.)
  7. Polish_food(Jesi, Marina i Lua)
  8. Slovaquian food (Jesi, Marina i Lua)

Transcript for the chat

Instrucions per preparar el xat amb Eslovàquia i Polònia

                polonia.gif          eslovakia.gif

Heu de buscar informació a internet i escriure 5 paràgrafs curts (d’unes tres frases) sobre Polònia i 5 sobre Eslovàquia.
Encara que treballeu en grup, cadascun de vosaltres té que “firmar” 5 paràgrafs. Si algú escriu alguna cosa i sols la firma ell o ella, la resta del grup continuarà havent d’escriure 5 paràgrafs. Continue reading