Enguany tenim la sort de gaudir d’una auxiliar de conversa experta en anglès. És la Sydney, i durant aquest curs ella ens ajudarà a millorar el nostre nivell d’anglès, sobretot a nivell oral. Aquesta és l’entrevista que li hem fet.

– How old are you?

– I am 22 years old.

– When is your birthday?

-My birthday is the 21st of June.

– Where do you live?

– I live in Connecticut, USA.

– Are you a teacher or did you study something else?

– I studied English and Italian.

– For how long are you here?

– I am here from October to June.

What do you want to do in Catalunya in your free time?

– I want to learn how to cook Catalan dishes.

– Did you choose to come to Catalunya? How did you end up in Reus?

– I chose to come to Catalunya, but my program placed me in Reus. I am very happy teaching here because Reus is a lovely place!

Li agraïm aquesta entrevista a la Sydney i esperem aprendre moltes coses amb ella.

We are so happy to have you here!!!

Article redactat per María Fernanda i Pau, alumnes de sisè.